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The ‘Swinging’ 60s!

We knew how to have fun back then huh? The Southern Sounds playing at the Guildhall some time in the early 1960s. Thanks to guitarist Colin Quaintance for the photo and also for a lovely shot of his previous group, the Cadillacs at the front of the Flickr site (see below) – a real early 60s shot – as early as you can get.

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The man on the left is George Turner who booked all the great acts in the Savoy in the 1950s/60s. But who is the man on the right – and where are they? (Hint – the location should help – he was one of my childhood heroes and it’s summer 1957). Answer – below in “Where are they now”

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Last Sunday (11 April) was the last scheduled Sunday afternoon presentation at the Museum. An extra session was planned  for Sunday 16 May but as that is the day after the Cup Final, the streets around the Museum may be filled with people waving blue & white flags (etc)!

So (and since I might be one of those people) we’ve decided to put it back one week – meeting on Sunday 23 May (2-3 pm). I hope to see you there and please bring your memories!

Play Up Pompey!

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NB See photos on the Flickr account of where (some of us) are now: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pompeypoppix/

I’ve had an email from Chris suggesting I might compile information on the whereabouts and activities of local musicians and others from back in the 50s/60s. I guess most of you know that I work at the University – I’ve generally taught visual arts/film but in recent years also popular music. I may retire soon with luck and many of the guys I’m in touch with from groups like the Renegades, Cadillacs, Dynamos etc are also retired although some are still playing. Phil Freeman of Soul Society/Image has been in touch recently and he’s still on the road although backstage now, while my great pal Dave Pittard has returned to some serious drumming after a gap of some years. Mick Cooper (Soul Society, Heaven etc) is also retired but in touch with many people including Ray King (U Trash band/Heaven) who works/lives in Germany. On Saturday I’m expecting to catch up with a bunch of old rock & rollers at the 65th Birthday party for John Clark (M Camel Train, C Mushroom). I’ll make some enquiries and add an update but do let me know what you know.

ANSWER: It’s the US Sports Ground, Burnaby Road and the man is cricketer Derek Shackleton who bowled for 20+ years for Hampshire (and played for England)