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Did You have One?

Transistor radios – an advert from the summer of 1962, just weeks before the first Beatles record and soon to be the perfect way to listen to the ‘Pirate’ radio stations. The prices – between £15-£20 – are about the average weekly wage, perhaps even a bit higher, so they were not cheap (and batteries were extra)

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Rocket in my Pocket

Max Decharne is a Pompey lad who writes for Magazines like Mojo and publishes the hippest of books. He’s previously written one about King’s Road Chelsea as well as a “Dictionary of Hipster Slang” entitled “Straight from the Fridge Dad” (eg: Hot Circle = a great record, a wild waxing, the platter that matters)

Now he’s publishing a new book “A Rocket in My Pocket; the Hipster’s Guide to Rockabilly Music” accompanied by an Ace Records compilation CD.

And the title? It’s from a rockabilly record (on Itunes) but if you need to ask what it means you might not get it …