Easter Bunny

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1968            14 April

By 1968 the Birdcage had become the Brave New World with an intriguing variety of performers including the Herd, Ten Years After, Jon Isherwood, the Singing Postman, Dakota Staton, Stan Tracey, Tubby Hayes, Jimmy James, the Carl Douglas Stampede, Chris Farlowe, Humphrey Lyttleton Elkie Brooks, John Peel, Blossom Toes, Family, Spooky Tooth, Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger. Rikki Farr meanwhile was back at Kimbells with weekend blues and progressive acts.

In April, local bands attracting attention included Southampton’s Hendrix/blues influenced Brother Bung, Inspiration, Monk, Tangerine Slyde, Lace, Universal Trash Band, Technicolour Yawn, EXP, Wrong Direction and blues band Pevensey Brown Melon and Rack (who changed to) Virgin Circle.

Spinner predicted “Coconut Mushroom will turn professional” as they signed for Apple. An interview with Derek Shulman confirmed that they “love the (Indigo) Vat crowd” but in early April, Spinner reported the club’s unexpected closure. Harlem Speakeasy and their lights could be seen for 3/6d* at St Margaret’s Church Youth Club in Highland Road. (*17.5p)

Last one tomorrow folks

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

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  1. Heard of Hendrix and Elkie Brooks, the others ?????

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