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Were you in a band? I’d rather like to collect some ‘set lists’ or at least lists of songs played. After Harlem Speakeasy split (see previous post) I was in Rosemary (greatly loved, always missed etc). For much of our later relatively short life we played our own stuff but initially we played a real mix of old blues and newer rock/psychedelic/ singer-songwriter stuff – some of them I can’t even remember but that’s what they say about the 60s. This is the list I have:

Morning Glory – Tim Buckley
Apricot Brandy – Rhinoceros (instrumental)
Pat’s Song – Country Joe & Fish
Spoonful – Howlin Wolf/Cream
Sunshade – Fairport Convention
Nightmare – Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Who Do You Love – Bo D/Misunderstood version
I’m Drinking Again – Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart
Waiting on You – BB King
Society’s Child – Janis Ian/Spooky Tooth version
Violets of Dawn – Eric Andersen/Fairport version
Love Me Two Times – Doors
Sporting LIfe – trad blues
Going Down Slow – H Wolf/St Louis Jimmy Oden
Takes a Lot to Laugh – Bob Dylan
Nights in White Satin – Moody Blues

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “Set Lists

  1. Nights in White Satin was MY favourite!

  2. As usual I’m on the cusp of the 60s/70s but I do still have the set list interestingly called a “number list” here is a picture of said list…keep in mind the band are in our early teens…oh for a recording, on second thoughts probably best left undocumented.

    Oct 6th 1971

    Love to Love you -Caravan
    Paranoid -Black Sabbath
    Black Night- Deep Purple
    All Right Now -Free
    Fire and Water-Free
    Sunshine of your Love-Cream
    Love Like a Man-Ten Years After
    Cherry Red-GroundHogs

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