Another Easter Egg


(Pompey – Div 3 Champions, Easter 1962)

1962            22 April

Easter brought the John Barry Seven to the Savoy for the first time while Humphrey Lyttleton was at the Downbeat Club. Johnny & the Cutters, the Jaguars and Crusaders were at Kimbells and on Easter Monday, Americans Johnny Burnette, Gary US Bonds and Gene McDaniels joined Mark Wynter at the Guildhall, hours after Pompey beat Watford to clinch promotion to Division Two.

1963            14 April

The Beatles played the second of their three Pompey gigs at the Savoy on the Sunday before Easter (with Mike Devon & the Diplomats). On Easter Saturday the Guildhall offered the Max Bygraves Show with Scottish folk singers Robin Hall & Jimmy McGregor and guitarist Bert Weedon. Brian Poole & the Tremeloes were at Kimbells on Easter Sunday supported by Johnny Devlin & the Detours. Gosport’s Thorngate Hall offered another mixed bill on Easter Monday with a “Trad, Twist and Modern Ball” featuring Mike Cotton Jazzmen, local favourites the Classics and the Ivor Gordon Quintet. At Easter, the main national news headlines concerned the annual CND march to the Atomic Weapons centre at Aldermaston, and the Christine Keeler/Profumo scandal.

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Saturday Fun – for a good cause

News from John Roberts:

A great event in a good cause – to raise money for research into Children’s

It’s FREE ENTRY but give generously please! …

10.00-12.00: The fun starts here! Side show games running from 10 a.m. until
early evening.
12.30-13.30: Robin James Hurt – fine singer/songriter and brilliant
guitarist all the way from Dublin!
14.00-15.00: McGonagall (partly my old band, Father Jack , so possibly some
cutlery capers will be called for wirthg this great Celtic band)
16.00-17.00: Victory Morris Men (they’ll almost certainly perform outside)
18.00-19.00: Wood, Wire and Words – a fine bluegrass band
19.30-20.30: Dan Ogus – superb singer and guitarist with eclectic tastes!
21.00-22.00: Walker Broad – blues at it’s best from Andy Broad and the
lovely Sandy Walker
22.30-23.30: The Jellyrollers- good time blues – and all points north, south
east & west!
SEE YOU THERE! – and bring your money, honey!!!!

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Easter Eggs

Over Christmas I extracted some pieces from the longer histories, published in “Here Come the Sixties” and now also on the website (“year-by-year”). I’m doing the same over Easter, adding the precise date for each year of Easter Sunday. A few were quite late but nothing as late as this year (24 April) and I doubt whether any were as sunny

1960            17 April

Pompey’s Ballad and Blues Folk Club started up, Easter traffic was heavy in the area and Gosport’s Downbeat Jazz Club held a packed festival

1961            2 April

The Matador Coffee Bar in Fratton Road featured in a court case involving a youth apprehended with a knife. The police described it as “frequented by hooligans and persons of the usual criminal type”. The council heard that 60 deck chairs had been slashed along the seafront along with other “wanton damage” and another headline suggested “Coffee Bar Cowboys Give Motorcyclists Bad Reputation”.

(see Pompey was always ahead of the game, even with its Easter hooligans – mods & rockers? Hah!)

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Dolphins spotted off Southsea


I thought I’d keep the seafront theme going – actually this is a mention for the Dolphins’ gig at the Fountain, Rowlands Castle, next Saturday. The blues/rock band includes Alan Christmas and Mick McGuigan and is fronted by the very fine singer. guitarist/slide guitarist Barry from London way. There are usually one or two guests and a good time is highly likely …

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Snake Pit?

Chris asks about the Snake Pit. On my Blog for 22 March there’s a shot from the early 60s which shows the name painted on the stairway down to the beach – it was towards the Eastney end around Lump’s Fort/Model Village. Certainly there in the 50s/60s although the shingle is much higher now and the words are long gone

It was named after a movie about a woman who finds herself in an asylum but doesn’t know why (a bit like going to work). It stars Olivia de Havilland and a barrel of laughs it ain’t, but you can check it out on You Tube (eg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stXmSqkSFIM).

I’ve heard from ‘Furys’ Peter in USA and he’s asked if I can link the Blog to the website so there it is on the right – just a click away. Peter, I’m sorry to report that the Savoy hoardings are a real mess, billboards, peeling paint etc. Never fear, the legend of the Furys is (now) safe here!

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It’s only the middle of April but Southsea resembled its midsummer finest today. There were people everywhere and all kinds of special events including some colourful tatooists at a Festival on the Pier and a vintage car rally on the common. On days like this there’s nowhere better – there was even one guy swimming off the Snake Pit!


The Weekend Stops Here

There was a nice tribute to the recently departed Keith Fordyce in yesterday’s Pompey News but it did suggest that when he was hosting Ready Steady Go! it went out on Friday evenings with the famous claim “the weekend starts here”. The trouble is Southern TV put it out on Sunday afternoons – I did check this in the old papers of the time and my memory was correct. It didn’t have quite the same impact I guess but there were some great shows – I remember particularly fondly the old blues guys like T-Bone Walker (with Mayall?) and John Lee Hooker as well as the Motown/Stax specials. Any favourites out there?

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Albie’s Pirate Treasures

Albie Somerset attached a further comment below but I thought it warranted its own post. If anyone would like to contact him please post a comment on this message Or email me – dave.allen@port.ac.uk. I’ll let him know:

“I’ve had a look through as promised and found a couple from the post MOA when Caroline was alone, shows on 23 December and Christmas Day 1967. If anyone wants to relive “watery radio” let me know, I have virtually all the pirates in mp3 format.”