Calling Pete … Calling Pete …

Cross that is. It’s all my fault. I get myself a local reputation for knowing about pop so when Davy Jones dies I get a call from the News asking did I know him (no) and did I like his music (same answer I’m afraid). So I’m not wanting to be a misery guts in these circumstances and I recall that Pete Cross put an interesting tale on the Comment (Feb 18) ….

So, Pete, check your emails because the News want to speak to you – and I guess if anyone else has a good story you could email the News too – I was useless.

RIP Davy




Not Bumble then

Ref my question below, David Lloyd is on the left, some dancing queen in the middle and on the right a bouncer. Pinched by Pete from Mick’s site



The Dynachords:
Top left Jock McCloud (bass), right Tony Hennen (drums) Bottom left Ade
Bartholomew (LG), middle Vern Rogers (RG) right Don Bonser (V).

from Mick who I think got it via something called facebook (??) from Sheila whose husband played in the band – mainly from Gosport/Fareham I think

Now I really must do that guitar practice


Birdcage beginnings

Alan Williams has spoken to his pal Bob Yates (in Australia) – Bob was involved at the ‘Cage in the early days and the story is as follows:

Gary Farr and Rikki Farr were both Winchester College boys (ha! and you thought I was posh PC) so both had Hampshire links although they lived in Brighton. Rikki accompanied Gary & his T-Bones when they appeared at the Savoy (I cannot track this gig down but they certainly played pre-Birdcage at the Rendezvous) and was impressed by the enthusiasm of the audience so he decided Pompey was ideal to open a new club.

He enrolled Robin Beste and crucially mum, Mrs Beste plus guys from the Flamingo in Soho notably Tony Harris – plus secretary Pauline Mason who had worked for promoter Bernard Delfont and off they went. The Drayton bunch including Bob Beard, Pete ‘Brady’ Boardman, ‘Birdy’ and Bob Yates were involved from the start and Brady plus former Pirate DJ “Boss Cat” Bruce were the original DJs. Bob’s memory is that while Nicholas Hoogstraten may have been around in the Birdcage days (he too came from Brighton) he was only involved in the business when it changed (after August 1967) into the Brave New World which opened at the end of that year.

The T-Bones played the first Birdcage gig in late February 1965 at Kimbells and exactly two-and-a-half years later Joyce Bond played the final night at the club which had moved to Eastney after the first six months.

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More ton-ups at Bert’s

Ace bass Colin Wood writes (and draws above)

“Hi Dave, trawling through earlier pages of the blog, I spotted The Peaceful Fifties and comments about Bert’s Kaff. How did I miss that! I used to go to Bert’s in the early 60’s. The bikes could already be running, the rider jumped on and had to reach the magic ton on the straight. Then “earoling” round Johnson’s roundabout and back to the cafe before the record finished. I am a member of a local bike club and one of the members used to do the other Bert’s “rite of passage”-hitting a ton past Bert’s approaching Portchester (then a crossroads). He didn’t notice a speed cop on his tail and after being “lairy” with the ensuing court’s magistrate, spent a night in the cells.I drew a cartoon for the club’s magazine after lots of reminiscing and all and sundry saying they would love to see photos of Bert’s in it’ heyday. Anyway to make a long story slightly shorter,could you ask any bloggers if they have any snaps?”


Down at the Club(s)

Mick found these on Facebook. I’m not much for ‘clubbing’ and I don’t think I went to either but – strange coincidence – I’ve just spoken on the ‘phone to Helen who is Ray Bradbear’s daughter. I know Ray and Helen is a longtime friend of mine who now lives in London.

As for David Lloyd, is he the tennis man, ‘Bumble’ the cricket commentator or someone entirely different – a bit like this Dave Allen?

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Chuck – no luck?

Thanks to Pete Cross for these but this is one of the tours that Mick found (see Comments below) which went to Southampton not Portsmouth. I’m enquiring for my radio show this week but it seems that Chuck didn’t get here until some time in the 1970s when as Paul comments his performances were not always the best. Great 45s though!