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The Late, Great, 208

10pm tonight on BBC Radio Two, part one of a two-part documentary about Radio Luxembourg which is apparently 80 years old.

“The Weekend Starts Here” tomorrow will be all things Jubilee, Olympics, Euro 2012 etc.

Next Week it’ll be a mix of Here Comes Summer, All Summer Long and Summer Holiday – after which I’m taking a break for a few weeks. However, I’m talking with them about maybe two hours in future and maybe a better time for people to tune in, so any thoughts on that, the format etc most welcome – and no, I don’t stay awake past midnight these days


Doc Watson RIP

Nigel G has alerted me to the death of Doc Watson. I remember still quite clearly the excitement when he came to the Railway in the mid-1960s. At the time his flat-picking guitar style was not that common and I recall people like Isherwood and my mate Pete Gurd loving the whole thing. I’ve always enjoyed the range of his music – all of it what we might now call ‘roots’

From a news item today:

Pioneering folk musician Arthel Lane ‘Doc’ Watson has died at the age of 89.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, known for blending bluegrass, country, gospel and blues, passed away following abdominal surgery last week, his promoters confirmed to AFP.

He was admitted to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem in the US following a fall last week, with his daughter telling local media he was “real sick” at the time.

Known for his influential flat-picking playing style, Watson picked up a total of seven Grrammys during his career, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Born into a musical family, he went blind from the age of one after suffering an infection. He spent much of his career recording and touring with his son Merle, releasing albums such as ‘Doc Watson And Family’ and Sitting’ Here Pickin’ The Blues’.


Eddie for Emmett

There’s a comment just gone on but it’s way back so you might miss it (as might Emmett). I don’t know Eddie but it seems we’re fellow harp players (are they cheap in Lidl’s?) and I certainly share his fond memories of Ray Sone – so here’s Eddie:

“hi emmett, we used to enjoy listening to you & ray, plus I remember seeing you two playing at lyme regis cobb as well as ray with downliners at studio 51 (great harp player) has he still got enough puff? you had a great sound, & good look. was it a gibson jumbo you used to play? I now buy my harps in lidl’s as I’m 66. eddie keep of ‘ eddies crowd’. great days, saw don partridge busking in burgess hill about 5 years ago.”