Tomorrow Never Knows (it’s next week)

You may have seen the piece about the King’s in the Entertainment Guide which was much appreciated except that it said the event was Tomorrow whereas it’s NEXT SUNDAY. We didn’t dare fix it for Sunday 1 July in case England reached the Euro 2012 Final

(Only kidding!)

DEFINITELY SUNDAY 8 JULY from 7.30pm (doors at 6.30 pm for Pete’s Platters, Exhibitions, Book Sales, Beer etc)


More Springhill – plus a quiz

Mick Dillon adds “The sketches of Springhill were done by a guy called Mike Tomlin a local artist who dabbled on the edge of some of the groups. Can you give him credit for the poster and ask if anyone knows his whereabouts. Last trace I had was on the Isle of Wight in 70’s/80’s. He was a really talented guy.”

I remember Mike but know nothing – can anyone help

Plus from the new Comments below to the first posting of this poster – anyone know the answer to Eddie’s question?

Lenny Tench in all his The Ruling Class glory … has had a bit of a light trim since, methinks.

I think the gent on the top right wins by a nose. My guess is that this coincides with his ‘gunfighter’ period, when he was much impressed by the adventures of a certain Mr Zachariah. Bonus for 10: what is the connection between my previous statement and boxers?

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The Crestas

Forwarded by Mick from Gill who I was mentioning last week – a delightful addition to the collection from the early days. Gill said:

“I wondered if you would like the attached pic of the Crestas for the collection. Perhaps you took the photograph?  The venue was  probably  the Coop Hall – 1960 ish – and I think that the figure in the  background might be Tony Porter, who managed the group.

As a member of the Crestas ( I think that the Vauxhall Cresta had something to do with the choice of name) it was, for some reason, deemed necessary for me to have a stage name – Diane McKay.  I have always regretted that we did not save more memorabilia from those days, but I know that we shall always be very grateful that you did, Mick !

Very best wishes,

Gill Glover (nee Hutchins).

P.S. My other half – Mick (Glover) – would want me to send his regards  too. ( He is still playing gigs, incidentally…..)”


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You’re not Kidding!

November 1968 and without the slightest sense of irony Melody Maker juxtaposed the headline with the picture (left) which is an entirely separate story. Obviously in these enlightened pc days I wouldn’t normally display such things – but it is a local Pompey Pop story (the Moles I mean). I can confirm that the girls were never Phil Freeman’s backing group.

For more innocent days don’t miss Mr Cooper’s contribution today on The News nostalgia page.

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Down South

Meridian Today is halfway through it’s memories of the Beatles in the South (more today from 6pm) and so far not a mention of Pompey. This surprises me since I had some advance ‘notice’ about the four pieces but maybe tonight. I know they have footage of the time Paul was taken ill in November 1963 but last night’s piece seemed to finish just beyond that (in Bournemouth and Southampton) with hints that tonight will be about them filming on Salisbury Plain.

The cutting is part of an ocean of stuff I’ve scanned recently from old Melody Makers and which will appear from time-to-time on here. This one is about Revolver from July 1966 (when the footy was more exciting than it’s been this week).

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Who is LT?

asks Mick – well he is most definitely (below) The Man in the White Suit reprising the part played previously by Alec Guiness

But he’s here too …. Maybe he’s more like Claude Rains in The Invisible Man?


Part 5

Here we are then: what the well-dressed DJ wore on his special day – what’s more he’s smiling! Pete has promised to wear much the same for his starring role at the King’s next week


Part 4

Mr & Mrs LT – he then in Springhill so with managers Alan Roblin (left) and Mick Dillon (see recent posts below) in the middle. Yours truly on right with pinstripe suit, long hair and snakeskin boots. I found the 70s so confusing.

Any more out there?