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Richard Jones (Meridian Tonight) interviewing Nigel Grundy this morning about South Parade Pier. I think the piece will be shown one evening next week around the story of the sale of the Pier by auction.



Thanks and Replies

I was chatting on the phone to Alan Williams on Monday and wondering again whether this Blog was running out of new stories, new photos and memories – Hah! This week has been a very rich one and I’m very grateful. Tomorrow morning Nigel Grundy and I are off to record interviews to be shown on Meridian Tonight about South Parade Pier (ahead of its sale I understand) so MANY THANKS for all that info

And how delightful to hear from Chas McDevitt. Ron is correct that Chas played at the Bandstand some years ago – I met him and got him to sign a copy of his book about Skiffle. Reet Petite & Gone played at the 100 Club on a gig called “Night of 1000 Washboards’ about 15 years ago and some of you may remember my signed washboard in the Museum exhibition in 2010? It was signed that night by Chas, Beryl Bryden and John Pilgrim of the Vipers

Lenny T and Mr Mook are chatting about the late Pete Lush – Lenny’s right about Henry McCullough etc and the record Pete released was called “Honk Honk” – early/mid 1980s? I don’t know anything about links with Edgar Broughton but I do remember playing the Waterlooville Hells Angels gig with Broughton, The Deviants etc – Lenny was with me and I was chatting to Geoff French about it a few weeks ago. He knew some of those guys. (Lenny, I’ll see you for  a drink later!)

I was asked by Dave Glass about the Action broadcast. I can’t figure out the Express website to hear the programme now BUT if anyone out there wants to hear that bit email me (dave.allen@port.ac.uk) and I can send that 20 minutes to you as an MP3

NB Soul time at the Conservative Club, Albert Road on Saturday night (next to Wedgewood Rooms). Dance the night away!

FINALLY, I’m very happy to ask for memories of Bowie in Pompey – especially at the Pier. I liked Bowie lots in the 1970s but have NO memory of him playing at the Pier. Any more info?

Many thanks – Dave


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Hello Sailors

Another lovely shot from Chas of the Savoy full up on a MONDAY night. Those WERE the days!

Chas said

These are a few of the snaps I mentioned, with various line-ups, we played the Savoy two or three times in the 50’s. One of the shots features drummer Billy Woodall (aka. Billy Wayne) who later played with Bob Millers Big Band, that toured with Buddy Holly