Curxes Round the Town


Out of the Blue I had a nice email from a young lady called Roberta (do you remember that GREAT Frankie Ford song of the same name?) about her band Curxes. (She sent the same to Mick). Incidentally she works in PIE & VINYL. Not been yet? Get down there. Great pies, lots of vinyl, good coffee, very nice people, surprise events (Castle Road):

“I am contacting you just to say how useful I’ve found the ‘Portsmouth Music Scene’ section of the site when researching Portsmouth venues from the second world war, so I wanted to say thank you. I recently completed an animation for my band which features buildings from the Blitz juxtaposed with some of the more familiar places in Portsmouth & Southsea now and thought you might be interested to see it (regardless of the wailing and synthesizers, haha).”

You can watch it below. I guess it’s not typical of what most of us listen to but give it a spin – she’s got a strong voice and I wish them luck. What’s absolutely delightful and just right for us is the animation – especially for the mushes. Kids fighting against a spinning backdrop of great 45s, record sleeves and Pompey Buildings.

Here’s the link which for some reason didn’t convert to a visual in the post so it’s above



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Curxes Round the Town

  1. I liked that. Very nice. Thought I heard a little tinge of Rush in there as well as some Annie Lennox and definitely some 80’s keyboard sound. Pretty cool and here’s wishing them success.

  2. Well done Pete! Takes your mind off the voting huh? I have hardly any of these more recent references to connect to young bands today but I’m glad you liked it. Thanks my friend. If I meet up with Roberta in Pie & Vinyl I’ll tell her to check the messages

  3. You are welcome Dave. It’s great to see that music is alive and well and moving forward. I really do think that in many ways our generation opened the doors for experimentation in music on a large scale. Gotta love “Gangnam Style” and how music transcends all nations….Speaking of voting oh boy thank goodness it is nearly over. Well we hope we don’t have another recount issue like a few years back. Yes a bit of music sure helps drown out the phone that has rung every 10 – 15 minute from early morning until late at night with taped political ads. All part of the democratic process I guess but this has been a long miserable election run up and everyone I know will be just glad when the phones stop ringing. Polling station was pretty empty when I went today but I guess millions voted early. The WHo come to mind at times like this and the words of We Won’t get fooled again” ring in my head…”Meet the new boss…same as the old boss” Guess I will just pick up the old guitar for a bit and sing along. Can’t quite figure out the words to Gangnam Style yet..Any clues? LOL

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