Nothing’s going to change my world (Gimme an F)


Thanks to Sean Cullen for alerting me to this

What do you think then? Sean said:

The BBC news web site has an interesting list of 20 “songs which changed the world” suggested by readers today:



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

13 thoughts on “Nothing’s going to change my world (Gimme an F)

  1. I didn’t want to comment in the main post – let you have a look/think – but the thing that strikes me immediately about the list is the extent (inevitably?) to which most of these songs are focused on the Content (lyrics).

    Some are good/great but I reckon “Heartbreak Hotel” really ‘changed’ the world as much/more than some of those. In a similar but personal way, Buddy Guy’s “First Time I Met the Blues” changed my life massively – I bought it about 50 years ago on a compilation (Pye, R&B All Stars) having never heard of it or him – I’ve never been the same since … (“the blues came after me ..”)

  2. This a very personal thing. If one feels motivated to act after hearing a particular tune/song , this action may change the individual’s ‘world’ and then by implication have an impact on the world in general, but to say the song itself changed the world is an incorrect assumption I believe.

  3. The worlds a big place and so it’s difficult to see how any one song could change it. I agree that it’s such a personal thing. For me the influence was not so much as songs but the artists themselves. Starting with Little Richard and then to many others to mention apart from Robert Johnson and Tom Waits who are really important to me.

  4. Whilst I can concurr with the inclusion of “Blowin’ In The Wind” (quelle surprise….) Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna” certainly changed MY world – the way Mike Bloomfield’s guitar suddenly seeps through and underpins the sheer beauty of the whole thing – it just knocks me flat on my back every time I hear it. And I mean EVERY time…… but ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when you’re tryin’ to be so quiet?

    “99 Red Ballons” does the same, does it? Yeah, sure…..

  5. I personally feel that “Free Nelson Mandela ”
    was instrumental in keeping up the pressure on the South African government as it made the generation that came after us aware of and active in the situation.
    DJ Jason Webster always made it the closing number on a Friday night at Basins(with no influence from Jim or myself)which I personally found very uplifting

  6. as it goes ……………………so who the fuck killed Bambi?

  7. Dear G, Bit earlier than 1986 methinks! I remember representing some of those guys, I’m sure, in 1976! SV also lived in the Mews directly behind my apartment in Warwick Avenue, so there was no escaping the MF (trying to use less expletives!….Just for today).

    • Dear Prof
      Methinks your sense of time has become somewhat scrambled over the years
      Although punk started in 1976 our club was open 1986-1988 and it was round that time you represented Perry(Shakin Shark) Morticini Little Brian and the O Malley bros who I didn’t know in 1976 as all except Perry were then about 10 years old !!!

      • Dear G,
        I wasn’t aware you were talking about the “postish punk era”!!! And my sense of time is a perfect as my goodself, as you and David X well know, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abrazos. Highly N.

  8. Yes indeed Mr G – and Lenny and I remain very proud to claim we were in the FIRST live band to play there (the Reds, supporting Wolfie Witcher and covered with a photo in the News). In those days it was in SPECs

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