Dressed to kill …

Renegades ??


Now I think this is the Renegades (might be Jake & the Warriors). Anyway it’s from Colin Wood who is on the left and has a story and a question about dressing cool/looking good:

“On Friday I went on a reunion of ex Wadhams tradesmen.As we were talking of days that were gone,I thought that like Robert Tressel’s”ragged trousered philanthropists”, who wore past their best “Sunday best”, most of the Wadhams workforce were still wearing the same sort of clothes and even collars and ties in the 60’s. This lead on to thoughts of local musicians (most of your bloggers).

In those non regimented, rebel without a pause, rock&roll days, did we still conform to certain dress codes according to genre? Rock&roll, folk, skiffle and the later 70’s gear all come to mind. Then more thoughts. Did the audience also dress according to the type of music? My group of friends would wear rocker/teds apparel to Hillside Youth club. We would sport suits,collar & ties to the Savoy (although arriving on our bikes) and “Beat”gear to local Trad jazz venues and jazz festivals completed our chameleon wardrobe. I wonder if other bloggers were guilty of such perfidia?”

OK own up you bloggers


Let’s talk about Lothar

It’s Davey Jones Tribute week. He was a roadie and mate of Rosemary and Lenny and I keep describing his record collection and the stuff we heard round there in 69/70. Here’s another one – and don’t let anyone tell you that Kraftwerk invented machine/techno rock. Incidentally I particularly like this Comment about the track on the Youtube site

“Zufällig habe ich in den späten 80ern eine LP von Lothar and the Hand People bekommen. War irgend ein Export nach Deutschland. Wirklich tolle Band. Ich freue mich, dass ich sie hier mal wieder hören konnte. Das Video ist nett gemacht!”

It’s hard to argue with that. Here comes Lothar



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I’ve been out-and-about

Hence a fairly quiet week on the Blog. Mostly (inevitably) I’ve been watching the cricket but I had a fine Thursday evening last night at Mark Andrews place in the company of Mr Tench, Tony Farina (who among other things plays guitar with Trevor’s faves Ben Waters), Nick Evans from RP& Gone and many other bands (who is this evening at the RMA with Clint ??? – he’s a bit Marty Robbins ish) etc.

Lenny and I  were discussing all those albums we’d listen to way back (the Nick Drake etc story) and here’s another track from back then:



Would you Adam & Eve It

My apologies to David St John as I forgot to post this kind invitation to all you soul fans – and thanks

Carole Hamilton (original DJ) still reviving the great Soul/Tamla nights

Next Sunday, 28th April, we are having an Adam & Eve Get Together at Seymour’s Wine Bar in Bedford Place, Southampton. Former member of the Adam & Eve? We would love to see you! Just love Sweet Soul Music

Doors open at 7:30pm and close at 12:30am. Entry is £5 on the door.