A Brand New Adventure

Back in February Mick & I went to a provisional meeting at the Guildhall which is now run by a Community Trust. They had some very interesting plans but I kept quiet in case nothing developed.

Well now it has developed!

Mick and I have been again today and we can share the plans with you

There is an exhibition of the album designs of Storm Thorgersen there at present and that’s an ‘opening gambit’. Now they are planning a number of specific exhibitions and two in particular concern us:

1. There will be a further series of ‘bought in’ exhibitions and the first will feature photos of the Rolling Stones. I’ll let you know what’s coming later but that show starts in about six weeks (July)

2. There will also be a mainly permanent show of Pompey Pop – in a sense along the lines of the 2010 show at the City Museum. We hope that it will have a flexible element so that, for example, we are going to launch it with a show that links to the Rolling Stones show

It will consist of photos, posters, tickets, album covers etc but also crucially memories from local people both specific to the featured show.

SO, here we go – Pompey Pop, 60s/70s Rolling Stones – six weeks to get it all finished! I’m listening ….

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Another Gig (or Two)

The Dolphins Blues Band are in Rowlands castle tonight and tomorrow (from Dave Jordan)

Here’s a brief, last minute reminder of the acoustic music evening in Milton Village Hall on Saturday.

We have, for our entertainment and delight:

local four-piece folk band The Polite Mechanicals;

Stefikie – Steve and Kieran, who played a short set in February and may or may not have the rest of the band with them;

Leicestershire-based singer/songwriter Paul Phillips.

As usual, there will be the odd surprise guest or two (or three) doing a short spot.

Usual rules apply (such as they are):

It will be an acoustic evening, no PA.

There is no admission charge, no tickets and no bookings.

There will be a collection to pay for the cost of hiring the hall and anything left over will be split between The Day of the Rabblement and Liberty Rose.

We have to finish at 11pm.

Bring your own booze or soft drinks and/or nibbles.  The hall is not licensed for the sale of intoxicating liquor.


Mr Dolan said

… “Look it up” – so here you are. Very rural and like so many of them it’s about murder and death and misery and other beastly acts. Of course the whole Fairport ‘family’ is a rich source of such stuff (and Jansch, Briggs, Collins, IS Band etc) but I like more ‘quirky’ ideas like Michael Jackson too. Any punk landscapes out there? It’s hard to imagine Velvet Underground singing about hills and trees. Out there, “the dust blows forward and the dust blows back”

Keep ’em coming!




Rural Rides

Help me out please? I’m doing a radio piece about British landscape art (about which I know a bit) but I’d like to link it to music on the grounds that modern music is increasingly urban. But there is a classical, folk and popular thread of ‘rural’ music – so, I’m interested simply in nominations for favourite pieces about the land/nature and all that messy muddy, green scene. Anything you like.

Ta very much


Bacon Blues

Another one from Alison. I have fond memories of this place as a punter and in the support act – I recall gigs there supporting Catfish Keith and the Gutter Brothers. One of my favourite visiting bands was Little Charlie and the Night Cats. There used to be a coach from Southsea (Portland) which was handy.



More Shows



Alison says:

The Squeeze gig (bottom right) is 18 May 1987

The Rocky Horror show….. I first saw in Chelsea in 1976…. this show was before they restricted us from bringing our newspaper to put over our heads, toast to throw, lighter to show the way, rice to throw and a water pistol to squirt…. The Kings Theatre later got wise to our antics.  We always dressed up for these events, if you didn’t have the appropriate underware (a basque), then a black bin-liner was worn with a belt.

Dave says – what’s Bad News?


More 70s tickets

This time from Dave Mussell (and thanks)

Two thoughts

1. Is Pompey Pop now officially in the ’70s as well? Was it always unavoidable?

2. I have TONS of stuff right now queueing to get on the Blog. Keep ’em coming but be patient if yours don’t show soon – I’ll get there eventually

OK here goes – looks almost especially for Phil:

GuildhallTickets DM