Barking Bullfrog Blues Birthday

Thursday July 4th, is not only American Independence Day, but it’s also J.R.’s  63rd birthday….

So  to celebrate in style, we’ve got THE AYNSLEY LISTER BAND at The Bullfrog Blues Club that night! J.R is coming all the way from the way from his home in the west coast of southern Ireland, so there’s no excuse for any of YOU not to make it along! Aynsley was the first blues artiste J.R booked when  he started The Bullfrog Blues Club  back in 2000. Aynsley was great then, but (like The Bullfrog!)  he still gets better and better!

THE AYNSLEY LISTER BAND have a new album “Home” coming out very soon, but pre-release copies will be on sale at the gig, so to quote the immortal words of The  Reverend Gary Davis “Bring your money, honey”…  And why not, as entry is only £8 if you book on line. You can book on our secure site via Paypal –  www.barkingspider.abelgratis.com  or buy tickets at the advance price from “Street Level” music in Albert Road, Southsea (opposite the Midland Bank  – near the Wedgewood Rooms). If you buy on the door on the night tickets are still only £10, And the drinks are at club prices! .

The Bullfrog Blues Club is at The NBESCA Club (a.k.a, The Dockyard Club) in Onslow Rd, Southsea , about 50 yards on the right from Clarendon Road. Doors open at 8 p.m.


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We’re back at The Heroes-Waterlooville this Wednesday (3rd JULY) playing more Beatles stuff again including our recent additions (Penny Lane, She’s a Woman, From Me to You) and more!  

As is now usual, we’re setting aside a time slot for any Singers & Players who’d like to perform some numbers!


I Should Have Added …

My dear friend Mr Mook has commented below that we might have a conversation. I’m all for conversations and indeed offers of help but I should have added that I’m churning out 2/3 of these every day because the DEADLINE we’ve been given for the content is NEXT MONDAY (8 July).

Our next Guildhall Meeting is on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm, so I see this as a ‘Holding Operation’ which I hope will work satisfactorily but if simply printed large on paper (i.e. like a gig poster) will be cheap enough to be expendable and replaceable eventually with something more beautiful – perhaps designed by a proper designer!

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Birdcage 1965 DTJPEG

I think the Guildhall Gallery is potentially very exciting but being a Community Trust (and not part of the City Council) it doesn’t (yet) have a BIG budget. Luckily I’ve found a really cheap designer who sits home while his Resident Astrologer makes her garden even more beautiful and he’s now churning out things like this – imagining them as LARGE wall displays (A1 maybe even A0) surrounded by montages of posters, tickets, photos, memories etc.

He’s also very lucky to have what Spin Doctors (Jim Laker?) might call a FOCUS GROUP and he’s going to try them out on you all. PLEASE feel free to say anything you wish about the CONTENT or the LAYOUT (they are very simple word files using TEXT BOXES). I’m not generally using fancy fonts because very often when you turn up at a printers they don’t match and strange things happen.

Any corrections, suggestions, improvements are welcome – more to follow if you wish and I’m hoping eventually to do this for most venues, then record stores, then instrument shops, then clothes shops, then ….


Bobby Bland

Back in Pompey, a belated tribute to one of my favourite singers and songs. RIP Bobby

From way back too, I recall reading about him extensively for the first time in Charles Keill’s Urban Blues, which I discover can still be bought from Amazon (etc)


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Stones Day

There were two periods in my life when I absolutely loved the Rolling Stones – 1963/4 and 1969/72. Gradually I lost the enthusiasm but I’ll probably enjoy watching them on the box tonight (a short extract I believe) and I’ve just read a fairly interesting interview with Jagger from Radio 4’s Today programme:


PLUS, I know absolutely nothing about Primal Scream who play immediately before the Stones tonight but The Times published an interview with their singer Bobby Gillespie on Thursday in which he listed SEVEN songs he’d like to hear in their set and a pretty interesting selection it was too:

She Said Yeah, Dead Flowers, Gimme Shelter, No Expectations, Let It Bleed, Tumbling Dice, Sympathy for the Devil

Imagine in 1963 finding out about this stuff via Radio 4 (the Home Service then of course) and the Times …