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Ain’t fattening no more frogs for snakes …

… and I’m taking a break today so you can catch up. I was feeling a bit like Pete W, somewhat breathless with all the enthusiasm, so thank you

HOWEVER it doesn’t mean you have to take a break. I only got on to F because of poor old Mick Farren so I’m happy to stick there and invite additions and updates anywhere along the line from A-F bearing in mind that if I can use this in other ways I’ll need to have little tales to go with each entry, relevant to Pompey Pop. In that context, Pete has for example a good nomination with Eastney, not just as a school venue for gigs (‘hops’?) back in the early 1960s but strangely as the location of so many fine Pompey venues including the Court School, Birdcage, Charlie Hurdle’s (also Portsmouth Jazz Society), the RMA and of course the Cellars – so Eastney? Lots of tales

Thinking of Pete, did anyone mention the Fury’s who still (just) survive on ‘Arry’s seafront hoardings?

PS Some reminders from ‘Oscar’ (thanks)

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OK, reprise A-F, anything missing? Have a good day.


Gimme an F (Sad yet Perfect)

It’s not really F until tomorrow but I’ve just learned that the crazy countercultural rocker Mick Farren (Deviants) died on stage at Soho’s Borderline Club on Saturday night. I’d have to confess the ‘idea’ of Farren/Deviants/ Fairies etc was always more amusing than what I can recall of the musical reality but he was the kind of character who might have craved such an ending. He wrote an autobiography too, called Give the Anarchist a Cigarette 

RIP Mr Farren

PS I used to think of myself as a fairly typical Guardian reader (even as a term of abuse) but these days it’s generally aimed at people about 20 years younger than me – and probably women too, so I read the Times more, especially in the cricket season. Well in today’s Times is a double-page spread on Gail & Frank Zappa, a report from WOMAD with colour pic of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry *, plus column inches and a full ‘obit’ of Mick Farren (and a report on Michael Carberry’s latest masterpiece). Blimey, that’s more stuff than I’d expect to be interested in this week in NME.

*Sadly not Mr Freeman though.

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Sorted for E’s …

Two from the Guildhall:

Everly Brother

Duke Ellington (February 1967)

Yep I did mean Everly BROTHER because one of them (Don?) got sick and went home so the other (Phil?) continued on his own and appeared at the Guildhall

Incidentally they remind me of another D – DUOS. How about the Brook Brothers from just up the road? They played Pompey quite regularly. I like some of Pete W’s entries too – Copnor Billiard Hall is strong in my memory and the Dockyard Club still functions. I played there last year and on Thursday there’s the latest in JR’s Bullfrog Blues nights. Way back, when the REndezvous Jazz Club moved from Ashburton Road it spent a little while at the Dockyard Club (circa 1960/61/2)


D is for …

… Blimey! There I was all, ready to launch the next one and there are already loads of suggestions!

OK here are two I prepared earlier:

Downliners Sect – darlings of the Rendezvous scene 1964/5 (and still revered by Mr Mook)

Dansette Record Players – you remember

Incidentally ‘Oscar’ nominated Simon Dupree under D

That’s where indexing gets really complicated. Simon Dupree, Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, no question it’s D

But pop group Simon Dupree & the Big Sound where Simon Dupree is just a stage name – s that S or D or B?

I used to get the same with Country Joe (McDonald) & the Fish …



Nice to have Phil F back in the Land of the Blogging and thanks for some extras. Paul M’s mention of Bedford suggests Commer to me

Well it being Sunday, I’ve had a day of rest (been for lunch in Chichester with MRA and some pals, she bought an Indoor Clothes Hanger/Dryer and I bought Ted Heath’s autobiography – I know what’s important)

I hope you’re thinking hard about D – we’ll be back to it tomorrow


Cale/Cale/Cage – C?

It was a quiet day on the Blog – How about


the CO-OP Hall Albert Road (now Wedgewood Rooms)

CREAM – two famous local gigs already covered on here

COLLEGE gigs (Technology, Art, Highbury …)


So, I read the JJ Cale obit sent in by Lenny and immediately wrote John Cale. I’ve no idea why but I recall two (and a half) John Cale-related events in Pompey. In the first (early 70s) on the Pier, I helped my mates Geoff and Martin with their lightshow at a Velvet Underground gig. That looks good on the CV huh? The only problem is that John Cale wasn’t there and indeed Mo Tucker (drums) was the only original member from the first album days. I can’t remember a thing about it although I liked VU. Mr Tench and I once did a kind of local session with an American girl guitarist & singer who covered their “Pale Blue Eyes”. Rosemary played very nicely on it but she wasn’t too great.

Some years later  John Cale did arrive in Pompey and appeared at the Wedgewood Rooms to talk about his autobiography What’s Welsh for Zen which is beautifully illustrated by Dave McKean. Cale is an awkward but very interesting man with strong connections to the American musical Avant Garde (John Cage anyone?) and it was interesting to listen to him. But there was a group of people there who had clearly come to hear him perform and they heckled him and then walked out.

So there you are, another Pompey Pop C.