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Missed one out

Added below (11 October)

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Gig List

Well of sorts. I was looking at the Blog last night and suddenly thinking I had nothing to say – a pretty rare event in my life. However I am about to be saying quite a lot because I have a few gigs which (sign of age?) happen to be more talking than singing. Anyway there are a couple of real gigs as well, so here’s the list:

Sunday 6 Sept (afternoon) Reet, Petite & Gone charity gig out Wickham way (afternoon)

Wednesday 18 September – I’m doing (one of?) the first in a series of Lunchtime talks at the Guildhall – public lectures of a ‘University for Everyone’ kind. I’m going to talk about producing local histories – how/why etc – under the title “His Story, Her Story, My Story, Your Story”

Saturday 28 September – 4.30pm at Portsmouth Grammar School, a double bill: Citizen 63 screening and symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first TV screening plus the launch of my Monograph (8,000 words booklet) on Paul Jones. Everyone welcome.

Friday 11 October – morning (10.30?) at the Guildhall, adjacent to the new Exhibition as part of the Portsmouth 60+/Pensioners ‘Festival’. I’m running a ‘Pompey Pop’ Workshop, to help people to value and create their memories of popular music around the city (50s/60s)

Sunday 20 October – Eastney Cellars, proper gig for Reet, Petite & Gone support to Aubrey Small celebrating the vinyl re-release of their Polydor album by Record Collector

Wednesday 23 October – Back to the Cellars (7.30pm) for a spoken-word gig as part of the Portsmouth Book Festival, talking about Pompey Pop Pix and the Pompey Pop project.

Thursday 24 October – Similarly, Portsmouth Book Week talk, 7.30pm, at the City Library I think, talking about the 150th anniversary of the formation of Hampshire County Cricket Club (11 September 1863) – I’ve just finished a new history which I hope will be out by then

I’m grateful to ‘Oscar’ for sorting out those Book Week events and there’s much more of course, starting 19 October.

Brian Matthew this morning opened with “Everybody’s Talking” – I certainly am!

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Memories of Little Willie

No not another autobiography – Mr Tench has alerted me to the fairly recent death of blues/boogie pianist Little Willie Littlefield. I recall going to London many moons ago with MRA and Mr Greedy’s ‘little’ brother to see Willie at the Dublin Castle performing with the Big Town Playboys.

The Washington Post said:

“Little Willie Littlefield, the blues singer and boogie-woogie pianist who recorded the first version of the rock-and-roll standard “Kansas City” and whose piano work influenced generations of rock and blues keyboardists, died June 23 at his home in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands. He was 81.”

“Kansas City” was recorded subsequently by Wilbert Harrison and later by George Harrison (no relation) and his mates. Wilbert also made “Let’s Work Together” which has become something of a standard – and advert/theme tune regular.

There we are then – always stories.


Playing the Numbers

OK, here’s one from me. Culture came to the Mecca/Locarno (1978 ish?) with Sly and Robbie and a dread mixer who I’ve always suspected was Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Probably the finest night I ever had at that venue

Incidentally line one means “leftovers put aside for tomorrow”