My Goodness, My …

Guiness Clock


from Colin Wood (thanks). I recall it so well from Southsea seafront in the 1950s. Do you know what it is?



Happy Birthday to an Old Time Blues Legend

Listening to Brian Matthew this morning I discovered that I’d missed by just one day the 80th Birthday of one of the most influential of British blues musicians – so, a slightly belated Happy Birthday to John Mayall, who certainly played the Rendezvous, the Birdcage, South Parade Pier and the Guildhall in the 1960s (Kimbells anyone?).

(I’m planning a gig at the Cellars in October 2029 when I reach 80. Tickets available now at 2013 prices!)


Last & First

We received an Amazon order for Pompey Pop Pix yesterday. That wasn’t supposed to happen as I have only half-a-dozen left so they are no longer on sale (there is one in the Cathedral Bookshop, maybe one or two in Blackwells). Otherwise they have all gone in exactly two years so thanks for your support. There’s a bit of dosh in the account in case of an interesting event or two (about £400).

However, it will soon be readily available again! While checking why it was still advertised on Amazon we discovered the first on-line ‘used’ sale of the book – ‘marked only by a dedication” – at £19.95. If you have a pristine copy hang on a bit. By this time next year it’s bound to fetch fifty quid!


Dancing Fool

I’ve been implying that the new Dock Soul Club kicks off this weekend but I’m wrong, it’s NEXT WEEKEND

Saturday 7 December 8pm – 1am

Tickets £5 including membership (only 150)

The Dockyard Club, Onslow Road (off Clarendon Road) Southsea with two bars and pints only £2.60

DJs are Gary Buck and Martin Jackson

Info: dave.reeves@hotmail.com

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Less means more

Every time I go to the Guildhall exhibition I see and hear me on video – often simultaneously in three rooms. Even for a Leo-Rising with a big ego it’s too much

So the plan is to record MORE contributions and we have fixed a time at the Guildhall FROM 5pm on Wednesday 11 December. If you or anyone you know has anything to say on camera about Pompey Pop – and not just the 50s/60s, any period – can you confirm with me that you’d like to come. If 5pm is too early, just let me know, that’s fine

You can do so via a Comment or email: dave.allen@port.ac.uk. I’ll try to sort out a running order and confirm everything with you

Guildhall FROM 5pm on Wednesday 11 December