More Loveable Mop Tops:


Exactly 50 years ago this month, the Beatles came to Pompey for their third and final gig and AW down under has followed up the pic from Aldershot and PW’s comments to suggest

“I think you’re mistaken about the column speaker,  I’d say it’s part of the decor, if you look behind George you can see the same pattern under the curtain..also if you look at their amps and follow the leads you can see they use their amps for the mics as I would suggest most bands did in those days”

I reckon he’s right, and he’s added this link for more info


(PS, I should add that this link ain’t working for me)

In addition Mick has found a couple of (new to me) pics of the fab four from Portsmouth in November and December 1963. Thanks Mick

12 Nov 1963

Tuesday 3rd December-


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University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

10 thoughts on “More Loveable Mop Tops:

  1. Yup now you can see the pictures all is revealed. We also used to plug the mics into the guitar amps as AW said.

    • So all I can say is that I must have had a slightly ‘avant garde’ moment when I had just taken those ‘first steps to stardom’ and became the fresh faced vocalist with The Conchords way back………………I had no p.a.system, and I am guessing that mikes were indeed utilizing inputs on instrument amps…….(brain doesn’t seem to supply info)…..however, I do recall that I convinced Doug Chalmers to purchase a new bass set up, and Stewart could make use of the ‘home build’ “Grundy” amp and cab, and as Rhythm guitarist, John Davis could ‘piggyback’ with stewart…..(indeed his future as any kind of guitarist with the band changed after the day he purchased his ‘tenor for a tenner’)…….thus freeing up the Vox AC30 cabs (lead and bass)………………….Bingo……A real p.a. was born……..Use the ‘lead’ as p.a. amp, disconnect amp from other box and trail mic leads to one side of stage………………..Cool …..vox ac30 p.a………………….It did very well ’til I constructed my own 2×12 Fane/Celestion cabs and bought the infamous Linear Chonchord amp to go with…….Add a couple of Reslo ribbons………….Oh what fun !!!!!!
      And memories………

  2. It appears that Alan, Pete and Lenny have all accessed this link. I’ve tried various ways on two machines but with no luck. Maybe it’s an Apple Mac thing, although I’m not clear why that would be (?)

  3. Dave i just googled… ‘did the beatles play aldershot 1961’………and got the link…the site it’s on is called..’ the beatles bible ‘….so try either..

  4. Tried that too! Says it cannot find the server. Not to worry, as long as other people can get there.

    As John wrote

    “Imagine there’s a Website. It’s easy if you try
    And if you cannot find it, there is no need to Cry …”

  5. very odd, i think if you can’t access the link on this page you should check your pc is an Apple and not a lemon..

  6. I can access all the ‘beatlesbible facebook’ pages and Google gives me a menu of direct ‘Beatles bible’ links (albums, history etc) but not one of them works. In each case it tells me that it cannot find the ‘beatles bible’ server. It can’t just be me surely?

  7. I had no trouble Dave and I am using a Mac

  8. The photo I sent Dave, I found on Facebook in Remember When Portsmouth , I then did a Google search for Beatles in Aldershot and found a page under the title of Mersey Beat with an article by Martin Creasy about the gig with the same photo in it. http://www.triumphpc.com/mersey-beat/beatles/aldershot.shtml

  9. Now this isn’t my ego kicking in, but seeing Mr Coopers additional pics has taken me back to that 12th Nov, as a 15 yr old ‘mad about merseysound’ ,intrigued with this music stuff , beatles fan…………………….My logarithmic table book (still with me somewhere) had numerous merseybands , known and unknown , written out around the margin on the back,and i would regularly hurry home at days end to get the family Grundig TK 30 switched on to record those live sessions from the beeb called ‘Pop Go The Beatles……..
    Well needless to say i had a couple of ‘eton collar’ shirts from ‘the king’ and those collar pins, the pair of brilliant ‘cuban’ heeled chaelsea boots and a couple of those beatle jackets…..(no collar)………….I had my ticket for the guildhall show and was making final adjustments for the evening out in screamland , when the news broke on the telly about Pauls gastric flu or whatever ,and the fact that the show was cancelled……………………………..Bugger !!!!!
    I decided to go down and ‘check out the scene’ anyway………O M G…….sobbing / shouting / major confusion event indeed…..And then somewhat later this ‘beatleboy’ with all the gear on and what was i suppose a ‘mop top’ and apparently bearing (at the time…..(think hard about it)) some resemblance to one J Lennon , was suddenly charged at by a group of pissed off young females and indeed chased half way round the building and had to seek assistance from a pair of our local plod to calm this ridiculous onset of adulation……the like of which has never been repeated……………And i never did get to see the ‘fab four’ live……..
    But i did see The Stones at The Savoy……….Life oh life…….

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