Forgive Me

If I’m a bit on-and-off over the next 10 days or so – it’s the start of the (proper) cricket season. As a consequence I’m checking all the forecasts but also looking forward to songs like this on Saturday night of course –

“Just Like the Weather, It’s Getting Better,

Days are getting Longer and My Love is Getting Stronger”



The Thing Is

Doing the gig was fun although I was struggling a bit for various odd reasons. But I loaded up the PA etc just after midnight, drove home unpacked it and carried it indoors and then realised it wasn’t a quarter to one in the early hours of Sunday, it was quarter to two. Today, I’m knackered.

This – for our Foreign Correspondents – is because it’s the first day of British Summertime; how I love the light evenings. And talking of British Summertime, here’s a postcard from MRA and I from yesterday afternoon




A Nostalgic but Rare Event

I’ve been sorting out the speakers, amps, leads etc etc and packing the car – I can’t remember the last time (sometime in 2013?) but this evening I’m off to do a Saturday night gig. It always occurs to me these days that this really could be the last time – I don’t know:


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50 (and a day)

From Albie (many thanks)

“50 years ago yesterday the MV Caroline dropped anchor off Harwich and at 9pm Radio Caroline put out her first test signal. Although they were never launched until 29th which was Easter Sunday with Simon Dee, claiming to be the all-day music station they only broadcast from 6am – 6pm at first. Some say this changed the face of British music as we now had a choice of what we listened to with pop music being played as opposed to the playlists of the BBC Light programme.”


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What’s In a Title?

Bert Jansch programme on BBC4 tonight. Since I’m still struggling to master that third chord I shall watch with envy and hope it really is a programme about the music. The title is “Folk, Blues and Beyond” which is not a Jansch title of course, it’s Davy Graham – then there is that comma – would Folk Blues (etc) be different from Folk, Blues (etc)?

Incidentally I lied about the third chord, I got there just before Christmas …

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Updates and News

I’ve been in touch with the library over the Archive. They were waiting for a list from me, having forgotten that I sent one about five weeks ago. They’re back on track.

You will have seen that I’ve taken a back seat with the Guildhall exhibition but the other guys are still working at it while the larger Guildhall Trust is about to begin inducting stars into a Pompey Hall of Fame. Richie Barker will have to wait – the first person will be guitarist Mick Jones

Speaking of Barker and having followed the scores last night to the point where Pompey were one minute from slipping into a relegation place (saved by Wimbledon) I wonder whether there has ever been an English league club relegated with the highest average attendance in that division – indeed probably at least double every other team? I doubt it. I’ve escaped the endless misery but I have nothing but sympathy for the fans.