World Music


I went to the Test Match on Sunday and took this pic (there were more musicians out of shot)

Then yesterday I went to the Test Match and met Pete’s delightful and very posh pal Charles Collingwood

Today I’m going to the Test Match

Then tomorrow I’m meeting up with Messrs Tench & Greedy and we’re going to the Test Match

And on Thursday …

I’m thinking of re-writing the lyrics to Stormy Monday

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No more Pix

I’ve been asked a couple of times in the past week if there are any copies of Pompey Pop Pix left. The answer is no, none. Even the few left in local shops have gone so it’s Ebay now – you can start flogging them for loads of dosh!

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The Bigger Picture?

Here’s a plea from Paul Moorhead

Paul Moorhead

This is a photo of me (on the left) and my mate Ray playing at The Greyhound, Leigh Park in 1964.

It’s all that’s left of a bigger photo which has got damaged. I am desperate to see a copy of the full photo but I don’t even know who took it.

In the original you can also see our girl singer (blonde) and another guitarist, with our roadie in the background. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone has a complete copy would they please post it on here so I can the whole thing again. Many thanks.


Velvet Underground

OK here’s a summer holiday project for those who fancy it

I’m going to write a piece for an academic journal about the Velvet Undergound. At this stage it’s just a proposal and may not be accepted

My principal interest is why, how, and when British fans got to hear them in the early days. There is this story that hardly anyone did until punk came around and (as Brian Eno said) all the people who did buy the record “started a band”

I’d LOVE to hear any memories you have of hearing them/seeing them/buying the album etc and if you don’t mind I might follow up any comments with more questions (you can always tell me to piss off)

Incidentally I’m not bothered whether you liked them or not – just anything you may have to say






I was driving down the M27 tonight listening to some San Francisco psych classics by Country Joe and the Dead which of course put me in mind of the Summer of 67 except that the heat keeps reminding me this week of the summer of 76.

Which made me think that 76 was when the whole punk thing got going in London at least. I can’t claim to have known much about it – in 1976 I was playing in a seven piece acoustic country blues/jug band and resolutely ignoring rock music at every opportunity but I was teaching teenagers, so things filtered through

Which led me to think that 76 is 67 backwards but also its mirror image

Which seemed kind of interesting as I was driving along with tracks from Aoxomoxoa on the system – since like that title, 67:76 is palindromic

Ain’t life something?

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Nothing Yet gigs

This weekend

Friday 25th July at The Square Brewery Petersfield is a 60s night, so some great songs to listen to plus you can dress up if you wish, but go easy on the hot pants and flares.

Saturday 26th July see’s us playing on the roof at The Crown Emsworth  as part of Paul’s festival, starting at 5pm.


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Tuxedo Sunday

From Rod

“The nurse has very kindly allowed the boys to venture out  this coming Sunday afternoon the 27th, to perform for your musical “delight”, at the Square Brewery, The Square, Petersfield. Apart from the music, the venue does a great Sunday Roast, superb beers, the option to sit outside if you wish, what more could you ask for ?
The line up for those who are not familiar with these “seasoned” musos, are: Marc Tuddenham  producing some sizzling guitar and vocals, Rod Watts attempting the same on piano and vocals, Pete Jackson on bass and vocals, ably assisted by Mr Dave Brown on drums, vocals and various other implements, these last two hold the whole thing together and believe me, they have their work cut out !! Have a good week and try and make it for Sunday, start at 2pm, finish at 5pm.”
(I shall be watching the Test Match just up the road which may be a poor choice – this option sounds like fun whereas …)