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Well I Never

I was doing some research online about 1955 and via Google came across “The Cooper Allen Archive”

I knew nothing about it. It has to be said that 1955 is definitely COOPER not allen

I’m quite happy that this stuff is increasingly widespread but intrigued to discover it by chance:





Had another of those beautiful seafront walks today on what seemed like another summer day. I had to go to Southsea, to the bank, the phone shop, dry cleaners, shops etc – you get the picture. Everything was absolutely fine until (it’s still September) I walked past Knight & Lee and they had Christmas trees in the window. Crap huh?

I did read a funny story today about a group of academics who for some years have been publishing research papers where the titles or somewhere in the paper itself, they quoted from Bob Dylan’s lyrics. They’re having a competition to see which one can get the most quotes in before they retire.

So I thought it would be really funny to get people to do something similar on the Blog – not (necessarily) Bob Dylan but anything from the 60s. Have I the right to ask this? Maybe not, but if you feel like participating try to pick lyrics or titles that are reasonably familiar, so that we can work it out.

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Back in ’69

It’s 45 Years Ago, it’s this week in the old Evening News and Mick found these in the small ads

He’s in there somewhere too!

portsmouth gigs 1969 aportsmouth gigs 1969 b

Now in 1969 did you get those free tickets for the organ show from Mr Watts of Minns, Southsea? I reckon maybe or if not perhaps lead guitarist Geoff of the Diplomats?


Monday’s News Update

1. 7pm tonight catch Nigel talking about the Guildhall project on Express FM’s “Towards the Point”

2. I’m not sure whether you know but cricket’s my thing. It used to be football too, but much less these days. Nonetheless I’ll always be a one team bloke and there’s a story in the local ‘paper tonight which exemplifies the best of Pompey, the place and its people.

“Pompey Clear Debts – That is the announcement delivered from the club today to delight the Fratton faithful.

The News understands the club has paid off around £7m within the last 18 months – almost two years ahead of schedule.

It has wiped out the legacy debts inherited by the community ownership after taking it out of administration in April 2013.”

Well done and PUP!


A Bunch of Bastards

I get emails from academics around the world who study Popular Music. Today this came in

“Prompted by the use of “Love Child” by the Supremes in The Wire, I begun to wonder about the frequency of other related incidents, ie. songs with childtren born out of wedlock as their topic. Would be interested to know not only the tittles but also your insights into cultural contexts.”

I made a quick reply but promised to ask you guys for any titles/thoughts etc. I wrote

“Quick reply, immediate thought: OC Smith “Son of Hickery Holler’s Tramp” (It’s on Youtube, it charted in the UK in 1968 or 1969)

In the case of the Supremes maybe it sold partly because they sold but OC Smith was unknown. Did the content matter? I suspect DJs played it and people bought it because they liked the sound but I run a Blog about those days so I’ll stick it on there and see what folks reckon. I’ll let you know.
(There’s also Zappa’s “Idiot Bastard Son” but with Zappa that’s a whole different can of fish or something)”
So, any ideas out there?



“We must be in Heaven man”

Played a pleasantly gentle gig this afternoon at the Dockyard Club with Denis, and enjoyed our fellow performers, the Jelly Rollers, Robin Bibi and especially my namesake Latemouth Blake

“Your namesake Dave?”

He’s really Stompin’ Dave Allen in another persona as a 1920s blues songster and it’s really fine stuff (see below). I bought his album.

Then around 5pm I walked home along the seafront & around the Camber on a most beautiful Autumn afternoon. People were about everywhere, taking the air and admiring the view. On such days I’m reminded of Wavy Gravy’s declaration at Woodstock that “We must be in Heaven man” (it’s on Youtube). It does increasingly feel like that to me when I can see the sea off Southsea beach. On the way I met Mr & Mrs Mook too.

Here’s Latemouth then – he’ll be back at the blues club in December with another incarnation, Stompin’ Dave’s Blues 3.