William Blake

I’m sorry to have missed the delicious irony that Black Friday was the anniversary of Blake’s birth. I can’t think of anyone who would have been more dismayed by that stuff.

There is a new exhibition of Blake’s work opening (Oxford) and yesterday’s Guardian carried a quite wonderful article about Blake and the nature of vision and creativity by the poet Philip Pullman. It’s not the sort of thing I mention normally on the Blog but it’s sufficiently wonderful to recommend. It’s on-line at



Dock Dancing!!

It’s a good week coming up at the Dockyard Club, Onslow Road, Southsea

On Thursday the beautifully named Stompin’ Dave Allen is there with a couple of mates. This is without doubt a BLUES night (ie not a rock night): the fabulous STOMPIN’ DAVE’S BLUES  3: Stompin’ Dave Allen (guitar, fiddle, banjo, piano and vocals) is joined by singer and bassist Earl Jackson and drummer Sam Kelly. Check them out at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz-qDHWl44Q

Then on Saturday it’s the monthly turn of the Dock Soul Club where the other Dave Allen will be dancing the night away.


Saturday Morning

I love Saturday mornings. Along with Oscar and Nigel and maybe a few others out there I spent too many of my teenage Saturday mornings going to school (life was easier in Buckland) missing all the great things you could do on Saturday mornings (and missing out on that great Friday afternoon feeling too).

So these days I love them

But it struck me that there are very few songs about Saturdays except Saturday night. Lots of those, but none that I know about Saturday morning. The closest and best I can think of takes me back to Nick Drake and “Saturday Sun” and I do love one chunk of Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic masterpiece After Bathing at Baxters where they sing of Saturday Afternoon, rhyming it with “incense and balloons” (you’re getting the idea …) – however I’m aware that it’s what might be described as an acquired or rather particular taste. Some of you will hate it I suspect

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday – I have to say Brian Matthew is rather fine this morning so far.


Bollocks to it

Black Friday that is

It’s a conspiracy between the Media and the Stores

Buy nothing all day and mess with them

PS Nigel sent this (thanks) – I guess I could have said a conspiracy between pricks and arseholes too. Incidentally in the 30 mins since posting this first bit I’ve received four more emails of world-beating offers. “Balls to ’em”!

“‘The relative severity of the various profanities, as perceived by the British public, was studied on behalf of the Broadcasting Standards Commission, Independent Television Commission,BBC and Advertising Standards Authority. The results of this jointly commissioned research were published in December 2000 in a paper called “Delete Expletives?”. This placed “bollocks” in eighth position in terms of its perceived severity, between “prick” (seventh place) and “arsehole” (ninth place). By comparison, the word “balls” (which has some similar meanings) was down in 22nd place.”


(Pie &) VINYL Triumph!!

From the BBC News site:

“More than one million vinyl records have been sold in the UK so far this year – the first time the milestone has been achieved since 1996”.

The ‘industry’ will tell you that the music business is failing because everyone downloads stuff for free and they keep inventing new ways of flogging music to us – including stuff we’ve already got – but they don’t know what’s happening (do you, Mr Jones?)


Not a Penny Guv, honest

I saw a TV news items tonight about Vloggers (Video Blogs) who advertise things without admitting it, and get paid dosh from the companies and products.

I’d like to be quite clear here

Not a penny has passed my way from the companies or management of Bob Dylan, John Mayall, Captain Beefheart or other famous stars that I seem to endorse on a regular basis – although I have been known to accept occasional suppers from former Mooks and the odd kindness from Spiderpromos.

Mind you, I’m always open to offers.

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Good Morning

Eddie IS Lobby Lud – good job he’s not Kolley Kibber though

Denis reminds me that way before Bob, Reet Petite & Gone once played to one guy in Rowner and I thought maybe also in Essex when we gave an avant garde performance, mixing old acoustic blues songs with sounds, signals and conversations from the taxi office downstairs. This was way ahead of Beck or White Stripes or any of those ‘new’ guys.

John Cage met John Mayall.