Emergency 999


Bad news from Nigel about light-hearted Phil F

Every year about this time Phil festoons his house, garden and roof with Christmas lights, a display known in the area to be well worth having a look at. During a conversation with his wife Rita last week she mentioned being worried about him climbing up a ladder, so I told her that I would help him do the lights. Now, Phil is an independent kind of chap and if he can do something himself he tends to decline help.
Fast forward to 10.30 am yesterday morning, I was doing some work at the Guildhall music exhibition when my phone went, it was Rita, “Could you please come up and take Phil to hospital, he has fallen of the ladder”. The ladder had slipped and Phil had fallen 8’ – 10’ onto his concrete drive, landing on his left shoulder. When I got to his house he was in immense pain, his body was contorted and his left arm was hanging limp. his ribs hurt and so did his pelvis. Audrie and I got him to Q.A. casualty and because of the severity of the damage he was seen almost immediately, he was thoroughly looked after and linked up to all manner of electronic clinical wizardry and given painkillers, nitrous oxygen and morphine etc. The worst damage appeared to be a dislocated shoulder that despite having three attempts to fix by doctors in ascending authority, they could not do, so he was going to have to have an operation to fix it.
Due to him breathing in the nitrous oxide Phil’s voice rose and he sounded a bit like Mickey Mouse and due to the effects of his medication we had some rather interesting conversations! I stayed with him until 7 pm last night when Rita came to casualty to take over. As I left Phil he was talking about getting his lights up when he got home! Rita phoned me at 10 pm last night to say he was just being taken to Theatre, she phoned again this morning to say that the surgeons had managed to put things back where they were before his tumble and he has to wear a sling for the next three weeks and get around on a pair of National Health crutches. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Phil wired up, but we have to give the poor chap some dignity, so it will remain in the digital vault!
I don’t expect……………………..it will……………………………..be long..before……………………….Phil……………is back blogging……………………………..again.

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Emergency 999

  1. Phil, YOU’RE A LEGEND !!! Get well soon, you silly old sod !!!!

  2. Ladders can be dangerous things! I have a stepladder. My real ladder left me when I was very young.

  3. Get well soon Phil, Best wishes from over here

  4. get well soon

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