SPACE – the final frustration


MRA is currently waiting on two deliveries of on-line purchases which are delayed/lost. This is entirely consistent with many of my experiences. I had an interesting time this afternoon when I walked to Pie & Vinyl, selected two records, gave Rob folding money and took my purchases away in a paper bag. They are now with me at home. Novel huh?

However, instead of listening to my new purchases, I had to just check my new Car Insurance docs which are active from Friday. I went to the Post Office this year for a deal that was FAR better than the AA but I had to register on-line with their Self Service centre to get the docs

I have spent four hours on-and-off trying to do this. Halfway through I phoned and asked them to send me a print of my docs but they could not explain why it kept rejecting my password

So just now I rang them again and observed that I hoped they would make things easier if I ever need to claim. The woman talked me through my on-line form and THEN SHE SPOTTED IT

The woman who originally inputted my details wrote my postcode as PO1  2ES instead of PO1 2ES

The difference? An extra space!!!!!!

And for that reason in this magical digital world, I’ve wasted a whole evening and I’m in a lousy mood.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “SPACE – the final frustration

  1. Blimey mate, that explains everything !! I’ve had problems with what seem to be rejected passwords in the past. It was always interesting when the University distance learning courses I did went over to on-line submission and the d***head who introduced it placed a ‘banner’ reminding us to submit early right over the top of the ‘submit’ button !!
    Ps, is this an email or an e-mail and is it online or on-line ?

  2. Whilst I wholeheartedly sympathise, I wanted to buy the DVD of the film Ida. Unable to find it in Bristol on Saturday, I enquired at hmv Gunwharf on Monday. Although it was released on 24th November, they didn’t order it until 4th December and it hasn’t yet arrived. I can’t think of a single store in Southsea that sells DVDs these days, so I ordered it from Amazon yesterday and it has been despatched. As for two spaces in a postcode, words fail me.

  3. Well I do buy a lot of stuff online (873 + on eBay) plus all kinds of items direct from on line stores. (Amazon is a dirty word to me as they have always screwed me over on deliveries) also most of our bills I pay on line. The password thing is a continual disaster for me and I am continually requesting a reset. But what is annoying is the total lack of consistency on putting in a credit card number. Some want dashes between the number groups. Others want just a space between them and others want no space at all. And of course they NEVER tell you the number format. Just reject the card as invalid so you start agin until you figure out the magic formula. Its a bit like the point of sale card swipe terminals at the stores. Every one different. Dave has a point with the folding money thing but that does not work on-line. Wow the Post Office do car insurance now??? Interesting stuff Dave. The British Postcodes are very strange to me. A bit like the telephone number prefixes as well. We have actually returned to paper billing on our cable tv /internet/phone bill as the online bill would sometimes get caught up in the junk mail filter. Then the buggers charged us to go back to paper billing. I did not see a reduction in cost when we went from paper to on-line. Mmmh.

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