The Shortest Day


It’s 1.30am and MRA and I are just back from partying with some of Pompey’s finest. I promised Mr Tench a photo to mark the Winter Solstice which started 90 minutes ago, so here it is – on a High Street not so far away, earlier this week

Gl High St

(L-R) A working peripatetic Blacksmith, a young woman and child selling BIG branches of Mistletoe and a woman fiddler in a lively ‘authentic’ costume (and she was a very fine player of traditional jigs & reels)

Is it Buckland? I hear you ask

Not quite, I reply


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “The Shortest Day

  1. Someone may say “Don’t believe what you read on twitter,” but I’ve just read that the solstice is a precise moment and today it’s 23.03 GMT. So there you go. Hope you bought a big branch of mistletoe!

  2. That’s absolutely right Sis – it’s not always the same time, indeed it’s not ALWAYS the 21st. But it lasts three days without any shift in the length of the days before the sun spends a little more time here each day. So the annual ‘rebirth’ usually occurs on or very close to Christmas Day. Yet another ‘Pagan’ origin of the Christian Festival

    And yep our wooden archway is of course festooned with three bunches of Mistletoe plus Holly & Ivy, red and green ribbons and lanterns.

  3. Sounds luvverly. 🙂

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