All Night Long


Marc Tuddenham – a quarter of the Academy – sent this poster of a gig he, Rod, Graham H and Graham B did at the Birdcage in the all-nighter days. He wondered which month and year it was:

Birdcage Academy

The answer is March 1967 – in the last six months of the legendary club

Incidentally, while the current amended list of Birdcage gigs is now pretty accurate there are still a couple of queries from that month about the Drifters and I wonder whether anyone knows the answers? Did they play on Weds 22 March and/or Wednesday 29 March? I think it’s unlikely they did both, but it may be they did neither. Two lesser known acts, Hamilton Movement and Eyes of Blue were advertised but failed to appear in March 1967.

All of which signals the start of a fairly regular history of the club as the 50th anniversary of its opening night appraoches.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “All Night Long

  1. Looking at the poster just got me wondering of how popular the local support bands were with the regular Birdcage crowd ?
    I know that 20 years later when I booked Emptifish for the first time to support The Guana Batz at Kimbells it soon became obvious that the majority of the sell out crowd were there for Pompeys finest!!
    I can’t remember this being the case with any local band before or since!

    • I’m surprised no one has replied to this interesting albeit fairly precise question (ie did a local support group pull more punters than the main act). There have certainly been a succession of very popular local groups going back over 50 years – maybe no specific examples of that situation being the case, although it would depend on who topped the bill. I once played support to Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (without Dave Dee) at the Mecca (1970). I’d be disappointed if they attracted more than us!

  2. Just a couple of quickies…………… One that has a loose connection with March of ’67 and the other I still think is a spooky happening……………….
    STAX REVUE arrived on our shores in March of ’67…OTIS REDDING /SAM AND DAVE / ARTHUR CONLEY /MARKEYS /EDDIE FLOYD /BOOKER T etc…………….bloody marvellous !!!!!!

    *******************RAH RAH SPOOKY THING *****************
    Bobby Farrell (the Boney M geezer) died in St Petersburg today in 2010…..The odd thing of course being that after babbling on in their hit record about the bloke who undoubtedly help the fall of Russia….”RAH RAH RASPUTIN”….Thi was the same day in 1916 that good old RASPY was murdered………………….

  3. i Spoke to Bob Yeates yesterday regarding the Drifters at the Birdcage….he said they only played there once but can’t remember the date..also, the Eyes of Blue were from Swansea and they won the Melody Maker beat contest the year that the St Louis checks didn’t..

  4. Someone who will not be able to confirm that Birdcage date is Drifters singer Johnny Moore , who passed on this day in 1998………
    But significantly , into the world before years end ….BO DIDDLEY…………..1928
    JEFF LYNNE……………..1947……
    and half of The Monkees , I think

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