2nd January 1965


In 1965, ‘today’ was a Saturday and the Graham Bond Organisation set an attendance record at the Rendezvous (Oddfellows Hall) supported by the Sons of Man. On Sunday another of Pompey’s finest R&B bands, the J Crow Combo were at Kimbells’ R&B Club. On the same Saturday evening the guests on Juke Box Jury were Val Doonican, Twinkle, Fenella Fielding and Charlie Drake. That was at 5.15 followed by Dr Who and  Dixon of Dock Green. If you saw Graham Bond, you missed the Black & White Minstrel Show. However, Match of the Day was on BBC2 at 7 pm so time to see that before nipping out. Pompey weren’t on it but in the old/real Division Two they drew 1-1 with Manchester City at Fratton Park in front of 12,500, with a goal from their ‘crooner’ Cliff Portwood. In the following week over 25,000 saw them draw 0-0 with Wolves in the Cup.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “2nd January 1965

  1. Wow ! Memories ! As a ‘fresh- faced’ 17 year old seeing The Graham Bond Organisation was something else. It was nights like that that whet my appetite for the Hammond organ ! I’ve been listening this afternoon to Isaac Hayes (someone else I saw at the Guidhall, Edwin Starr supporting ) and that wonderful 17+ minute version of By The Time I Get To Pheonix.
    ‘Pansy’ Portwood certainly led the fashion of the dramatic dive when a tackle came in !! However, he certainly made a name for himself as a singer, first on the liners then in South Africa( ?) .

  2. NOT 1965 Pretty dismal Saturday a.m. made interesting by a bit of music recall from 1968….
    For some strange reason I started to think about how missed is Sir John Peel (I guess it has something to do with watching the programme on the box about the construction and demise of Top of The Pops last night)
    I was recalling a tune he played one time by a band called Fever Tree ,something about California Girls (and why not)..I remember being pretty impressed at the time , and got to thinking about the likes of Strawberry Alarm Clock and an early kind of supergroup called Rhinoceros…………………I still have the vinyl but couldn’t be arsed to dig it out and with the wonder of t’internet found this on the tube.
    And so it was that one of the first tunes I put into the ‘playlist’ for Image, was and I think still is a pretty raunchy
    I NEED LOVE. It certainly brightened up my morning , just for kicks here’s the album
    ‘I don’t wanna discuss it’ was covered a lot specially by Amen Corner and Rod Stewart….Whilst the album was playing I did a Wikipedia and was quite amazed to find in ‘the facts’ a mention of Steve Stills auditioning as a band member in The Monkees………………………………Phew !!!!! can you imagine ??? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8a8cutYP7fpipwgPUEtypKc7j-n-pxe0

    • Oh and talking about Mr Stills…Happy birthday to him….born this day 1945…

    • Well an interesting thing about that Rhinoceros album is that the instrumental track “Apricot Brandy’ was covered by Rosemary in our early days – they were obviously big in Pompey! When I mentioned it to Mr Tench recently he couldn’t remember playing it – as it was instrumental I didn’t do anything on it but I remember because I have a list in a scrapbook. I remember Fever Tree too – one of a number of Texas acts that wound up sounding like SF psychedelics. Must have been the drugs …

  3. INCENSE AND PEPPRMINTS That’ll do !!!!!!

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