The New Band


Many of you will recall the excitement of forming a new band – and will recognise that the toughest task of all is to agree on the name! So there I was last night at the first rehearsal of a new band – my first as an OAP. I mean it’s OK for the Rolling Stones and the Who but they’re just in the same old band they were in fifty years ago. What’s the big deal in that?

Now in fairness our new band does include 75% of Reet Petite & Gone although Nick is liberated and now playing lap steel and guitar as well as mandolin. Stuart (dobro) is no longer with us as he’s planning adventures on the high seas but we have a lady, Sue, who plays fiddle and clarinet and is a frighteningly proper musician. She really does have perfect pitch and at one point while the three boys were working on a harmony she was naming the notes we were singing and by ear picking out adjustments – a touch of class mush.

Despite three of us having played together for decades (centuries) the material is pretty different from RP&G – so far some Trad Folk, Pentangle, Gillian Welch, Brendan Croker, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and a couple of originals – all very white, not very blue and very interesting in the challenge.

Rehearsals are also entirely appropriate for a band of our mature years (Sue excepted). We rehearsed in Den’s back room, acoustically and he made us nice cups of tea and there were chocolate digestives. There was only one brief moment with the drugs, when I was telling Nick about a new medication I’ve found for easing arthritis. I’ve no idea whether there will be gigs to follow but there’s nothing like a new band to keep you feeling young. Now where did I put those velvet loons?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “The New Band

  1. You mean Dave you would like some suggestions from the Blogsters? That might be a fun event…

  2. “new medication for easing arthritis”?….pray tell!

  3. Sure thing Emmett – it’s called “Celaritis” (http://www.celaritis.com/) and I found out about it just a few weeks before Christmas. It comes in capsules and cream and I ordered about one month’s worth of both. They reckon it works on 70-80% of people. I have ‘ordinary’ arthritis in my thumbs (painful when guitar playing) and one knee and one big toe (probably old sporting injuries) and they were getting bad in the winter cold so I tried it. They say give it a month and they offer money back if no good. At the end of that month my knee and toe were much improved, my thumbs somewhat (and certainly no worse) so I’m persisting with it. I can’t claim that my evidence is in any way from a controlled experiment, it’s just one story, but it does seem to be helping me so I hope if any of you out there try it, the same thing happens. Maybe we should call the band Celaritis! Dr Dave signing off …

  4. My thoughts went straight to the last 2 words of your intiail post, Velvet Loons ;o)

  5. Reet Petite and … I’m Sure I Came in Here to Get Something …

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