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It’s been a while since I started logging the gigs listed in Mr Greedy’s diaries from the place to be in Pompey’s 1980s – BASINS. The diaries cover the period from January 1987 when the club was at its most permanent venue, the Tricorn but like the Birdcage it had begun down in Southsea before that – notably in SPECS and Kimbells (upstairs).

Anyway here’s the next instalment with interestingly band fees and ticket prices for most of the gigs. It’s fascinating:

February 1987

W 4            Dub Allup (reggae) (£100) – £2

Th 5           Cropdusters (£200) – £1.50

F 6             Bhundu Boys (£600) – £3.50 adv/£4 door

Sa 7           Soul Survivors (£150) – £2

Tu 10          Dan & Bones Soul Disco

Fri 13          Scepter (reggae) (£150) – £2

Sat 14         Wilko Johnson (£550) & Duck Soup (£70) – £3

W 18           The Caravans & Tony Rex Disco – £1

Th 19           John Otway (£400) & Dr Brown – £3

Sat 21          Brendan Croker & the Five O’Clock Shadows (£350) – £2.50 **

Tu 24           The Flowerpot Men & Six Gun Sound – £2

Th 26           Pop Will Eat Itself (£200 + %) & the Farkle Family – £2/£2.50

S 28             Rufus Stone (£200) & Houseboy John’s Disco (£50) – £2.50

** MRA and I went to that Brendan Croker gig with my guitar playing buddy Denis (and Mrs Den). Brendan and band featured regularly on the Andy Kershaw radio shows and were rather fine but pretty roots/gentle stuff – not at all wild Saturday night, despite which the 6.57 crew showed up and had a big battle on the dance floor which seemed incongruous to say the least. The band were clearly nonplussed but played nicely. It may be that the locals were pissed off because Brendan was from Yorkshire where Pompey had travelled that day only to lose 2-0 to Huddersfield Town. Nonetheless, Pompey won promotion that season despite losing four of the last six games (thanks to The Definitive Portsmouth FC by Mick Cooper).

More Basins to follow


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