Like George Washington


All this talk of Bob’s new album is true and here’s a sample of him ‘covering’ “Full Moon and Empty Arms”

As most of you know I’m pretty fond of Bob and even when he’s quirky he makes me laugh. This made me laugh but like old George I cannot tell a lie

(To me) it sounds like shit

Here’s Frank – we’ve come a long way in 70 years then (can I go back?)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Like George Washington

  1. Bob sounds like one of those really bad deluded X factor contestants on this
    Shit is a compliment!

  2. Everyone says Bob Dylan can’t sing.

    So what about Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Tom Waits etc etc?

    “I’m just as good a singer as Caruso,” Dylan once said. “…You have to listen closely. But I hit all those notes. And I can hold my breath three times as long as I want to.”

    You can hear him pull it off on songs from his debut album like “Freight Train Blues,” and “Man of Constant Sorrow” …..

  3. Nope, everyone does NOT say he can’t sing. It’s a running theme on the local radio show that I praise him for finding in later years a fine way of singing with a voice that is ‘shutting down’. I’m as aware as most people how singing voices change over 50 years so the points about his early (very fine) voice are irrelevant. One of the reasons I think this is shit is that he does not hit all the notes and this kind of song needs that. If you like it that’s fine but it seems odd to me that anyone could like everything by someone with a career of that length. I own every studio recording and or commercial release by Muddy Waters but some of it ain’t too good … Indeed some of its shit (Electric Mud, After the Rain)

  4. Mr Greedy – are you saying that His Bobness ISN’T the most popular singer of the last 100 years?!? Heaven forfend!

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