You Must Remember This



Many thanks to Geoff and Keith for discovering him!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

20 thoughts on “You Must Remember This

  1. Looking good. Same old, same old though!!

  2. Hah! It’s almost exactly what I said to Geoff – “He hasn’t changed”!

  3. Wow! Must be a really lucky guy to have been around the music scene and still have retained the hearing qualities of a newborn. Dunno about you but my hearing is shot and we never did the 100watt stack scene. What talent and such hearing skill to be able to pick out if the bass player had dirty fingernails or perhaps the dandruff flakes hitting the strings. I was lucky enough never to have dealt with the man but oh what an arrogant Dickhead he comes across as. I would say thanks for sharing but that is 4.01 minutes of my life I can’t get back. Guess it’s safe to say he does mot own an iPod. LOL

  4. Aw come on Pete give the guy a break! After all he is 100% believable and 100% un-f*****g believable!! All heart and all ego that’s Rikki!!

  5. Dunno Mr. G. Maybe in some circles in LA or NYC but in the South they would tag him as a B,S Artist. (Would you buy a used car from this man?) Not even sure what his claim to fame is here. I can’t figure out what his crusade is in that Vid. Maybe he wants us all to carry portable wind up gramophones? (Of which he has bought up the worlds supply). I could see NAMM doing an oral history to get insight into the IOW Shows but that clip leaves me shaking my head. Bet you guys had some fun dealing with him LOL

    • His claim to fame in the US is he owned the biggest PA company in the late70’s/early80’s at the same time as managing probably the best American band of that time-The Tubes after being probably the top UK based promoter prior to that and a hero to many of our generation in Pompey
      To me he was definitely a role model when I started promoting

  6. I only met him a couple of times, but I have a lot of time for Rikki Farr. As I’m sure Mr. G will attest, its not easy to find a venue, deal with promoters, the watch committee, the local plod, keep the financiers, performers and punters smiling, and find enough cash to pay everybody every night. I never left the Birdcage feeling ripped off. The Portsmouth music scene would have been the poorer without him, and we owe him for that. Without his vision there would have been no Isle of Wight. It is good to see him still working to make things happen when many of us are slipping into pipe and slippers mode.

  7. I reckon if you put all these comments together you’d begin to have some sense of Rikki. For myself, I shall feel eternal gratitude to him for his promoting in Pompey – principally the Birdcage I guess but also later, great nights at the Pier, Kimbells on Saturdays and Sundays, Brave New World and then the Isle of Wight. I guess without the bluster and bullshit there would have been no gigs either and I’m not sure anyone else would have done it in and around Pompey – at least not like that. He’s his own PR man, but boy he enriched my life.

    • Yes totally agree Dave you don’t have to like the man to give credit where credits due. He certainly had a positive effect on my life for quite a few years.

  8. Interesting stuff. I went looking at his ADX company blurb and his “RIVA” sound bar. Yup el-supremo bullshit artist typical marketing guy. Looks like he launched his RIVA a year ago and is only now getting the “Upgraded” one to market. At close to $400 with what looks like a knock off of an iPod stuck on the side there won’t be one gracing our family room I guess. Anyway one ear is buggered up so my $150 one sounds okay to me. I am sure he will find a niche market out there though. Sounds like he has the Rikki Farr Appreciation Society and fan club in Portsmouth tho. Cant say I ever played the Birdcage so can’t count me as a wingeing musician (LOL) We actually spend a lot of that period when he was king playing away from Pompey. I think that for the promotion of live music, far sighted managerial skills, and giving local talent a chance you have to go a long way to beat George Turner at the Savoy in the early to mid 60s. Cant comment on Rikki as never did one of his gigs but you guys seem to think he did okay. Back to the original clip once you realize it is no more that a commercial for his product it makes more sense. Hardly an oral history (Note History) just a product push for a current product.
    Well I still would not buy a car from him LOL.
    So who is the 2015 version of George Turner / Rikki Farr in Portsmouth????? Anybody?

    • Well, it’s got to be Rod Watts, a thoroughly nice trustworthy man…..???

    • Most of the local bands during the Eastney Birdcage days weren’t playing the type of music required or if they did weren’t of the right calibre or popular enough with the Birdcage crowd to get a booking

      • Interesting Mr G. So was the format a visiting act supported by a local band like the old Savoy, or was it all visitors? It is also very hard to assess if the blog comments about the Birdcage are from guys who actually were local musicians in those days or guys who just followed the club scene in the audience. Or both of course.
        Used to see the same thing here regarding the clubs. Some really great local bands but promoters would book bands from Orlando because being “out of town” they were naturally better and would draw more crowds. We would be driving to play a gig in Orlando passing them coming the other way. Funny old life really.

      • I don’t remember support acts at Eastney
        Can anyone else?
        Just records?
        There again if there was I was probably downstairs in Charlie Hurdles!

  9. Whatever his foibles, he was, in my view, a visionary, as well as being a competent mover and shaker. His actions enriched the lives of many; he was always good to me.

  10. Have you seen the other vid of him at the IOW Pop Fest? “We put this festival on for you bastards1” Wonder why he didn’t use that one?

  11. PS It’s on Youtube.

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