The Best?



Mr Greedy always loves a good discussion and in the last post he suggested that in “the late70’s/early80’s … probably the best American band” was The Tubes

His pals (above) certainly agree, but never mind them – what do we think?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

18 thoughts on “The Best?

  1. Well as always this blog is very educational. You learn and hear all kinds of music.They just had She’s a Beauty on the Radio this morning and I was just wondering who recorded it. There is me thinking Talking Heads as the tubes did not come to mind. Well I don’t recall any other airplay from the tubes . I did go out and look at a bunch of their stuff on You Tube. Interesting Live shows. Of course there are so many bands we never get to hear over time. The best?? Nah too many others out there. Looks like they had and still have a good following in the UK. The “best” is really your personal taste I suppose.

  2. I think Mr Mook is trying to say Sha Nah Nah?

  3. 70s and 80s that’s when it all started to go down hill in my book. Apart from Cyndi Lauper.

    • Is that downhill only in the USA Malc or is the UK included too?

      • Well that was a bit of a toungue in cheek comment of mine. Of course there was stacks of great music being produced and still is whether it be the USA,UK or whatever. I shall be off to Glastonbury for the first time this year and am hoping to find some good stuff that I’ve not heard before.

  4. White punks on dope…well why not…….. I thought as an adult ‘pantomime’ , these guys were great …I was actually a seated punter at Hammersmith Odeon , and came away from the show thinking about perhaps the only other show I saw that left me thinking…”Oh yes they did” Alex Harveys ‘ ‘Vambo………………

  5. I had a couple of their albums including the White Punks one and I thought they were OK but not more than that. I wonder whether they were really impressive live – one of the really good ‘acts’?

  6. Danny and Eddie – now they were a good duo.


  7. And Speaking of Cyndi Lauper…. I was lucky enough to take my oldest kid to see her at the local college open air concert back early 80s before the circus of wrestlers and such that she surrounded herself with made her look silly. She was/is a very talented musician and a value for money performer. After the show had ended she sat on the edge of the stage and answered questions from all the kids. We were also treated to the then chart climbing “Manic Monday” Bangles at that show. OMG all pasty faced from the night club scene they looked out at the crowd of suntanned Florida students and said over the PA “Where are we? What is this? a Fuc**n Dago’s convention?” very classy.

  8. Oops wrong one

  9. Mr Greedy you ARE the Weakest Link Goodbye!!

  10. Did any of you guys and gals out there go and see The Tubes when I put ’em on at South Parade Pier – twice? Great shows,. although I must say that front man Fee Waybill was an unmitigated asshole. Prarie Prince was an absolute gentleman however. Here’s a song from The Wild West Show tour – this was shot a few days after one of my Southsea gigs in November 2004… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIX_5e0r-WE

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