Anyone who shares my fondness for the days of International Times, UFO/Middle Earth etc will be sorry to hear of the death of John’Hoppy’ Hopkins – a prime mover in all of those and more initiatives at the time and also a fine photographer (see this Blog on 14 December 2012). He was famously banged up for possession (1967?) and IT ran its ‘Free Hoppy’ campaign. He was not related to one, Dave Hopkins incidentally.

It’s a nightmare DIY day for me to day but I’ll add more later

RIP ‘Hoppy’


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “‘Hoppy’

  1. Dave You don’t DO DIY wtf is going on man!!

  2. Think he may have a light bulb to change. As being a harp man, it could take him a while to find the right one in the box.

  3. As Long as it’s not plumbing!!

  4. Ooh I can’t wait to see what this turns out to be…….. Pete’s plumbing rule..Never attempt to do ANY plumbing job on a Sunday…Unless you want to have to take the Monday off work.

  5. I thought this was supposed to be a thread to celebrate the life of another who contributed so much to the societal changes which evolved from the sixties.

  6. Dave……..You’ll be needing a ‘white van’ next !!!!!

  7. I’ve been painting walls you cheeky buggers. Blue for the blues and – since they got a point away at the League Leaders, for Pompey too. Now, for Keith at least, on to the next post and more ‘Hoppy’.

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