OK – I Surrender




Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “OK – I Surrender

  1. Presumably the ‘new Dylanists’ !! Who would have thought that in the early 60s when it was considered very trendy to have a Dylan lp under one’s arm some 50 years+ that we could still be debating his new output !!

  2. I’m guessing that would be Wootton, which I’ll be driving through tomorrow, back in ’69.

  3. Absolutely correct Albie – enjoy the drive

  4. Happy daze…. Blackbushe , on July 15, 1978 was the largest audience Bob’s had in the U.K- they reckon 200,000, but “official” figures gave 165,000, which doesn’t account for all the blaggers and fence hoppers! Spent bloody hours trying to get out of the car park…… the old Bill had all gone home, so it was every man for himself . Typical! It was light by the time I got home to Stubbington.

  5. Was there a period when Dylan went into a period where few people cared, and he seemed to have lost his godlike status?????

    I have a memory of Sydney, 1992 (I think) when Dylan played in the rather faded, old, State Theatre, where people who’d once been great (or might one day be great) played. Headline acts played the entertainment centre or Opera house. I wanted to go, John didn’t as he had Dylan disillusionment at the Isle of Wight in 1969 or whenever it was.

    I asked my son (aged 20 at the time) if he’d come to see Dylan with me. “Isn’t he the old boffer in The Travelling Wilbury’s? Not likely” was his response. So I bought two tickets, and hoped SOMEONE would come with me.

    The day after I bought the tickets (and the day before my visit to worship at the throne of the great god Dylan) I had a spot on an extremely naff morning TV show – called “Good Morning Sydney”. It was a show that filled it’s “content” time with people who’d bought 2 minutes to plug their own products, (advertorial) and a bit of REAL stuff.

    I was “real stuff” as I’d just released a contentious report on iron in the diet, which gave new information. I hadn’t done the research, but I was the “voice” for the government body which had paid for, then released the data. (Just explaining how come I was being interviewed rather than doing the interviewing). There were two other guests. A local singer plugging a new CD, and…… BOB DYLAN. He didn’t sing, we didn’t become instantly bonded lifelong friends, but we did share a green room for half an hour or so, and talked about jetlag over a wobbly cup of coffee. Actually, I mumbled more than he did because I was incoherent. And I was trying to be cool.

    I went to the show on my own.

  6. Nice story – your ‘boys’ got that one wrong huh? I hope you enjoyed him

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