Good Evening, I’m from Buckland, in Case You Couldn’t Tell


Mick’s been interested in a song about Pompey for some time and he’s been writing to me about it. What would it be like? There are lots of songs about lots of places and some of them are real crackers – the USA has more than it’s fair share but Ian Dury is an obvious nomination for great songs about bits of England – others?

Mick alerted me to a recent story about a bunch of people who, much like Bob Dylan, have gone to Frank Sinatra as the source and produced a song about Portsmouth. You can find more at


PS: here’s one sent by Chris – not sure what Pete will think!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

15 thoughts on “Good Evening, I’m from Buckland, in Case You Couldn’t Tell

  1. Yes that song is a bit tooooo sugary, and a bit naff, for my taste too, Dave Culver is a Matt Munro/Sinatra fan so naturally it would be in that style. On the positive side, it has been written, recorded, created!
    But are there others? about Portsmouth? anyone fancy writing one?

  2. Dave I loved it. Have to play it to the wife. Where do you guys find this stuff. Have to listen to all the other stuff in the link.

  3. It’s funny Pete, stuff keeps coming. A few weeks ago I was thinking the Blog might have run out of Pompey stories but not a bit of it. Lots more about to appear!

  4. Sorry about this one but you did ask.

  5. (Sung with a Pompey accent!)

    If you’ve watched too much TV, and you fancy a Mac D
    You can always go….dain tain

    Feel like some action, and some local attractions
    That’s the place to go….dain tain

    Just listen to the music of the pub band rock & rollers
    Down a good few lagers.. ‘fore some dude knocks out your molars

    How can you lose?

    Your lights go out faster there
    You can forget all your troubles..say a few prayers
    When you’re ….dain tain
    Great with your mates, to be….dain tain
    I’m sure that you’ll agree….dain tain
    Albert Road’s waiting for you

  6. very good – and I reckon played as if on the album ‘The Ramones play Pet’?

  7. There’s always that bloke who delivered the mail in Norfolk…….Wroxham to be precise

    He also had a sang about how he missed his miss from Diss
    …..strange world indeed……

    • The Singing Postman played the Guildhall in the early 70’s and stayed opposite at the Sussex Hotel which was a regular watering hole for us at lunchtimes whilst working in the Yard
      Anyway we all ended up getting pissed with him and persuaded him to give us a few songs as he had his guitar with him
      Then Dave ,your old mate Slim Brown seizing the opportunity took the hat round for people to show their appreciation !

      • Good old Slim – never one to miss a trick. I wonder how much he gave to the Singing Postman though?


  8. Well that last one SOUNDS like Pompey – the Mooks should have done one!

    • Not exactly what I was expecting it to sound like – even when they sing “Pompey” [which is the nearest they get], all sounds too Americanized to me.


  9. Yes I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear – I meant instrumentally, since at least it wasn’t a set of ‘jokey’ lyrics set to some hackneyed familiar song or genre. Nothing close yet in the sense that Ian Dury gets it with dear old Dicky

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