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OK folks, my old buddy Martin ‘Lights, Action’ would like some information and ideas about Reggae. He’s might be making a piece of work with a Reggae theme and is wondering in particular about

1. Can he avoid a visual representation which uses the clichés of the three Rastafarian colours of Red, Gold, Green?

2. Are there any structural characteristics in the music which lend themselves to visual representation?

With respect to the first one I thought about Two-Tone (b&w) images but also visual collage being akin to Dub.

For the latter, here’s a starter with an example (below) – it’s the Upsetters. It’s characteristically in 4/4 time with the keyboard very repetitively emphasising beats 2 and 4 (the rock & roll backbeat). But within that solid structure the drummer plays all kinds of fancy extras, sliding around almost ‘between’ the beats as the blues men slide around between the notes

OK that’s your starter for ten. Any great ideas will be MUCH appreciated. And here for I & I, some delicious Dub


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Dub Stuff

  1. Could use stuff about the geezer. Loads of images on line.

    Image from http://www.vidarasta.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Haile-Selassie-I.jpg.

  2. LOVE Max Romeo – my favourite reggae album of all time is “War Ina Babylon” …. just listen to this…..

  3. You better watch out Spider Man – my buddy Martin is now considering a portrait of you acting out Max’s only UK top ten hit …

  4. I took lights out on Bob Marleys last tour , and have a couple of huge posters from the tour ….P’rhaps one of these might be useful…………..”TUFF GONG UPHILL” was the tour working title I think……………..This is a reference to the ‘businesses’ run by The Marley family…………………plenty of odd info under TUFF GONG on a google search……………..
    heres quite an interesting link
    and while we are on the ska/reggae theme , how good is the tune behind the beans advert with the two brothers on the telly…………………An all time favourite of mine…..Beardman Ska by the Skatalites I’m thinking

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