Ricky’s Club


Great response to my clubs/venues request – I think this venue deserves its own poster so I need to sort out the details, as for me it was a rather late and only occasional haunt.

I believe it started with jazz and rock & roll in the 1950s and Ricky (Midgeley) was I think the son of the owner. At some point in the 1960s didn’t Gary Buck’s dad take it over and then (into the 1970s) it became the Marina and Sound Barrier (or was it the other way round?)

In the 1980s it became ??? I recall playing there (the Reds I think) but what was its name? And how long did it survive? It looks pretty desolate these days – effectively replaced in that area by the Rifle Club.

I’ve had an email from 1950s/60s jazz promoter Jerry Allen who is coming over from South Africa in June and wants to know whether Ricky is still alive? I’ve no idea. Does anyone know?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

13 thoughts on “Ricky’s Club

  1. I have a feeling that Kev Smith – now the licensee of The R.M.A. Tavern – was involved in running it somewhere along the line….

  2. For more details and anecdotes on this place you might want to get hold of Simon Dupree/Gentle Giant roadie Frank Covey via Phil Freeman, he was the self proclaimed “Prince of Ricky’s”……..

  3. Didn’t they open as a sort of Cabaret Club Post-Marina days? I remember the local Norman Wisdom impersonator being billed and other comedians. They may have even had strippers on a Sunday lunchtime/ afternoon?! Can’t remember the name it had though.

    • I think the Sunday lunchtime strippers was at The Sound Barrier not long before it closed in the late 70’s
      Also I think the name you were looking for in the late 80’s was The Pied Piper and if I remember rightly was run by the sons of the Schulman brothers and put on local Indie bands

  4. Just seen the comment about Frank Covey, I’ve known him since I was in short pants!! Don’t know what he’s doing with himself these days though. I think he’s a contemporary of my Sister Carol and she’s 77.

    • Jim, he’s living in Castle Rd, in the same flat he’s been in since around 1974… my brother is in regular contact with him. BTW, we used to be neighbours in Manners Rd I believe… I was the one with the 3 ton truck parked in front of number 68 !

    • UPDATE FOR MR MOOK………………….Francis Garfield St Clair Covey , my esteemed workmate in the art of ‘Roadieism’ for 5 years , is ‘alive and well’ (I use the term loosely) and is still in the flat in Southsea which he used to share with Gary Green and various other persons during The Giant Years I’d like to say older and wiser , but I guess older will do.
      He did donate the Simon Dupree bass drum skin to the exhibition , and of course can be prised out of his new sofa for a drink from time to time, and if he’s not home , he’ll probably be hanging at ny place……..bless him!!!

  5. Ricky Midgley passed away quite a few years ago ! After the demise of the club, he branched out in a few different directions eg. house renovations and then, of all things, opened an outlet up the road from the Portsmouth Marriott Hotel selling …olive oil ! He used to go on about the health benfits of the stuff and proceeded to empty about half a pint into into a beer glass and drink the lot….ugh !!! After that brief encounter, I never saw him again…perhaps it was the extra virgins that finished him off ??

  6. Blimey you guys know some stuff! Many thanks

  7. The link Mick Cooper has provided to his site is quite remarkable but I’m still not quite sure about the Sound Barrier and Marina. It appears from one of his newspaper ads that at one point in the 1970s it used both names at the same time? But did Marina come before SB? The Reds played Vagabonds in the 1980s …

  8. Marina then Sound Barrier.

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