A lovely contribution from Marc Tuddenham (thanks)


Here’s a pic of The Dynamos – me, Tony Dawes, Don Golding and Colin Wood at Ricky’s Club circa 1962.  We are wearing the spanish style suits made by Colin’s Mum out of black sailcloth, with yellow stripes on the pants (!)
The guitars are a collectors dream (Pete White take note!)  Mine, a 1961 sunburst Fender Stratocaster. Don’s also a 1961 sunburst Stratocaster and Colin’s, a 1960/61 sunburst Fender Precision Bass. If only we still had them!  The Strats’ value today (approx) £15,000 each and the bass (approx) £10,000.
I guess a lot of us have had some amazing guitars we wish we had hung on to!

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “Ricky’s

  1. The description doesn’t appear to fit the photograph.


  2. It Sure Don’t ,but I do remember those outfits Marc described…And the Guitars,. Well I do still have my 62 Daphne Blue Strat from those days. I remember Don had an accident with his that left it a bit charred. But Don can tell that tale.

  3. The pic is Danny Raven & The Renegades. c 1960.

    My Futurama guitar in the pic is very similar to George Harrison’s first electric. Main difference is that mine had a rosewood fingerboard, rather than maple. With money from two years of doing paper rounds, and a little help from Mum & Dad, I bought it in 1960 from Courtney & Walkers for 55 guineas (around £800 in today’s money) ‘cos it looked like a strat. It was the closest you could get at the time, and streets ahead of my first electric – a Rosetti Solid 7. That’s another story!

    Even back then I can remember thinking it looked pretty cool, but didn’t play very well. The big rocker pickup switches were too easily switched on/off during a vigorous strum. The pole pieces on the pickups were threaded and, to get more volume out of my little Watkins amp, I raised them as close to the strings as I could. This often resulted in a string becoming hooked on the threads and staying there until I dislodged it. I’ve got an old reel to reel tape of the Renegades rehearsing in the cellar of Froddington Arms, Fratton Road. You can hear the ‘ping’ as the string gets caught on the pickup while Danny the Raven is singing ‘Dreaming’, the latest Johnny Burnette tune we were learning!

    Happy days!

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