Looking Good (Looking Back)


My little sister is one of the Southsea Skifflers who had their latest session yesterday morning – and great fun it was again (there are other regular bloggers too)

She brought me a hand-made (by her) 60s poster from St Margaret’s Youth Club in this vintage shopping bag. Maybe it’s time for more fashion items in these histories?

Boutique 29121

I’m not sure of the date but the ‘phone number is indicative: Portsmouth 29121

Incidentally ref tracing locations – I’ve been looking through some 1960s Kelly’s Directories today in the library, and from 1960-1969 in the Cumberland Buildings was the Court School of Dancing. At no time was it identified as the Birdcage/Brave New World/Pack – so in a strict sense it’s not always a reliable source of information because it appears to be more about ownership than what’s there (I couldn’t find Shirt King either although Smartwear did show from 1955)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Looking Good (Looking Back)

  1. Just did a search for Strictly for the Birds Commercial Road Portsmouth and found this:


    I thought it was more likely 60s (before I went up north) but they say 70s.

    • It would have been late 60s early 70s as it was owned by the mother of a friend I was at the school with I was there Jan 1967- July 1975 so I think 1968/9

  2. WOT ..NO SHIRT KING !!!!!! Just can’t imagine what life would’ve been like without them !!!

  3. Anco jeans, mohair jumpers, Eaton Clubman Chukka Boots Denson Hy Pointers etc.etc……

  4. Shirt King only place you could buy a Maverick shirt and tie.

  5. If Shirt King no longer exists this could be the end of the universe. I was ‘where it was at’ with a cut down army great coat plus tassles back then. I put it down to naive.
    I am in upside down land but from a previous 2013 thread someone mentioned Dave Arney at Citizen 63 (in Charlotte street I recall). Can someone out there please trace a point of contact for him. We were apprentices together. He was a true mod at that time.

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