“Bloggin’ got my chips cashed in. Keep bloggin’, like the do-dah man
Together, more or less in line, just keep bloggin’ on.”

This Blog started on 5 March 2010. In the first year there were 10,500 views

Since then it grew to a peak with 44,500 in 2011, 105,000 in 2012 and tops with 155,000 in 2013 – that was an average of 425 per day

But in 2014 it dropped to 128,000 and if the first 10 weeks of 2015 are indicative it’ll be down to under 120,000 this year. In comparison with those 425 daily visits, over the past two weeks only one day has reached 350 and some have been under 200.


Well I’m not sure it’s a big deal but I think there are two obvious reasons – Firstly, it was intended to collect the 1950s/60s local history and maybe that’s nearly done now. There isn’t so much emerging that’s significant and new. Secondly there is a longer history to be told bringing things up-to-date and that seems to be happening more effectively on the new Facebook site:


The less quantifiable aspect is that I figure the Blog is a bit like a good local band. It’s had five good years, lots of gigs, a loyal following etc. But these days there are fewer gigs (posts) and some of the regular fans aren’t showing up so often. Some are following this lively new bunch called Facebook

I’m entirely relaxed about that and I’ll keep going here for the foreseeable future but maybe rather more low key and maybe fewer posts. But I’m happy to hear what other people think.

By the way, in case you weren’t sure about the opening:


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

18 thoughts on “Bloggin’

  1. Ah, keep it up, Dave – it’s more fun that Faecesbook

  2. Dave, there must be some on here who do not use Facebook so when something of interest to the blogs era appears, “rip” it and put it on here. There are obviously some on the Facebook page that do not know about this blog or the AAA exhibition. I must pop over again one lunchtime as it’s been a couple of months since my last visit.
    I get an email each time you add something so if I read that there’s no need to come on the blog unless there are replies to view, so maybe just put a taster in the email to generate a hit to read the full article. The reason the News circulation is dropping is because the put the full article on line so there’s no need to buy the hard copy.

  3. Good point Albie. Sometimes Blog stuff goes to Facebook so no reason not to go back the other way. All these projects are about getting the news out there. Plus, by early April there will be quite a bit of new stuff in AaA. I’ll keep everyone posted. Cheers.

  4. Keep ‘er going Dave. Facebook in general is not as informative nor does it create the “Family” atmosphere that the blog does. You have less control over content and while it might capture data; that should be moved to the Blog that contains the complete history all in one convenient location.Also who know if the Facebook gurus decide that they are going to go to another social media tool or maybe they decide to ban all referenced to the “Devils Music” LOL.

  5. I really don’t like facebook and they bombard you with e mails and i very much agree with the comments above -keep on bloggin’!

  6. Hi Dave I chose not to be Facebook a long time ago and despite invitations to join I have not. I don’t need to tell 500 people I am going to wash my car today but I do read your blog everyday. Being lazy and with little to say that is worthwhile these days I don’t offer my views very often but I still want to read your blog. Please don’t give up and while I am it I notice your new band has no drummer so bugger another gig opportunity gone!

  7. Cheers Alf – I’m a bit new to Facebook but blimey I know what you mean – here’s another cute pic of me and my dog!! As for the drumming – well you never know, maybe we’ll go ‘heavy’.

  8. Keep it going Dave. I always try and pay a visit once a day. I even log on when I’m on my travels. I didn’t say anything at the time but my New Years Eve input came from a ranch in Nicaragua. It would be a shame to see the blogs demise. Much better than Facebook.

    • Although I agree with a lot of the comments here I’d like to point out that the Pompeypop Facebook page has made a lot more people aware of the Guildhall exhibition and at long last got younger people involved!
      And by younger I’m not talking teenagers but the portsmouth punk generation who are all about 50 years old these days!
      Also it is a closed group and new members have to be approved

  9. I get a sort of pride thing in telling people what we have here ,and being able to lead on to our simply wonderful AAA project…
    Like most of the above , I visit ‘blog street’ everyday and hope to continue keeping up with what ,after five years has become a welcome part of my ‘old age’……………Much as I agree that by having a ‘Pompeypop ‘ facebook group we have awoken more folk to the presence of AAA and the Portsmouth Music Exhibition , I suspect that we are now looking at a classic result of what facebook ‘friending’ does. Sudden influx of people from round every corner that you may well not need in your life……..I knew this would happen , and I’m sure those of us that have come to love ‘our blog’ feel a little disconcerted , but as of right now see no reason for another period uncertainty from ‘The Prof’………………
    Well maybe that’s not strictly true , as leather on willow season is just around the corner……..”Keep the Faith”
    0WZAT !!!!

    • Yea Phil, I keep getting emails saying somebody’s said something on Facebook. Don’t really need that,not sure how to stop it.

      • Malc ,I don’t know about you but I also get emails if anyone has commented on a post I’m following on the blog so if you’re getting them from Facebook its the same thing!
        Also as I’ve said we’re now getting new blood on the blog with possibly a different perspective on the Pompey music scene,which can only be a good thing!

  10. Yes I expect I’m just noticing it more as the emails have doubled from Facebook. I totally agree about the new blood especially young blood. I often go along to open mic or jam nights and love it when I get to play with young people they have great energy. Don’t know whether the feelings mutual or not though!!!

  11. For those interested……….. Within Facebook you can select how and when you receive “notifications”. Go to Menu at top right of screen, select “Settings” – then “Notifications” on the left – you can then customise how you get notifications and also what you get notified about. I receive very few emails from Facebook as I have selected to receive “only important notifications” via email.
    Hope this will assist any puzzled “silver surfers” !!

  12. This is all fine and very helpful. I used the analogy of the life of a band – well these days it’s quite common for people to play in more than one band so I figure that these kind replies confirm that Facebook is getting newer people, info and ideas but there’s no reason to stop the blog. It’s an attack on two fronts guys and many thanks. As for the cricket Phil, no worries, 2015 was special and busy for Hampshire but this one is back to normal. Howzat?

  13. DAVE THATS FINE ……But I have a feeling that 2015 season has yet to begin , and I’m sure the ‘locals’ will fair better than the countries finest at this time eh !!!!!!!

  14. I think Facebook helps bring in some different folks and provide a whole new set of information. I think it can peacefully co-exist with the blog. To keep the efforts in sync will take some extra work by the “Historians”. I think of greater concern to some who are still working is that the content of Facebook is used in many instances by employers, police etc and I am sure many others that we are not aware of. Maybe insurance companies etc. (Don’t be claiming disability when you are tagged in someones Facebook snowboarding ) All social networking sites are monitored by employers. Facebook also screens and rejects material they deem is copyrighted so much of the music posted on the blog that is so cool would not make it. Not sure if some of the more “Salty” language from the blogsters would get past the censors either.There are positive attributes. Sometimes its the only way you get to see pictures of your grandkids. Music knows no age boundaries. Rock on Dudes

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