Out in the Backyard


My new band’s been rehearsing and recording and here’s our first official snap:

Diamonds & Rust

(especially for Mick, who likes to know these things: SCARLET TOWN are Sue Dobbyn clarinet & violin, Dave Allen vocals & harmonica, Nick Evans, mandolin and Hawaiian slack-key lap steel, Denis Reeve-Baker guitar & vocals)

This afternoon we worked on songs by Gillian Welch, Brendan Croker, Joan Baez, Lou Reed, Jimmy Dale Gilmour, Steely Dan and Trad Arr, that reliable old bugger who wrote so many good songs (ours was “Blackjack Davey”)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “Out in the Backyard

  1. Looking good young dudes. Scarlet Town eh? Interesting Name. Pretty good one too. So what is the story?

    • It’s one of the songs we play Pete – there was another possibility called Diamonds and Rust but Scarlet Town seemed evocative so we went with it and it made life simple. It’s always the hardest thing, finding the name!. The original song is by Gillian Welch – there is another song with the same title by Bob Dylan but it’s not as good.

      No it’s not Spider Man

  2. Many thanks for the line up info Scarlet??? that’s red isn’t it? shouldn’t that be true blue town? where does ‘diamond rust’ fit in?

  3. well then I guess from now on we call you “CAPTAIN SCARLET”…

  4. Interesting to hear some Steely Dan, with that line up!

    S. Pimpernel

    • I was just thinking the same thing about Steely Dan. Well given that Old Portsmouth in days gone bye was a hotbed of sin and drinking and a Red Light District full of “Scarlet Women” then perhaps that is where Dave got the name. LOL

  5. Good luck with it Dave. Look forward to seeing you.

  6. I guess you’re gonna paint the town……blue! PUP 2:0

  7. I guess it’s a bit odd. Most of my life I’ve played in bands playing some kind of blues stuff but I’ve never been in a band with Blue(s) in the title. Yet in the 1980s I was in the Reds and now I’m in Scarlet Town. Still, the good news is that tomorrow I am painting a wall in the AaA Guildhall exhibition – blue!

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