Born or Raised


Philip Haines tells us in the previous post that Mick Fleetwood was born on Hayling Island

Who are the high achievers among local Pompey Popsters then?

The Shulman Brothers? (but Derek and Phil were born in Glasgow)

Joe Jackson? (born somewhere near Stoke)

Paul Jones? (left at 18 and never came back)

It’s probably more important where they grew up and learned to play in which case Joe and the Shulmans are Pompey, but Jones is much less so.

I think …

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

14 thoughts on “Born or Raised

  1. Roland Orzabal & Roger Hodgson are not often mentioned, & we could claim Antony Hegarty if we can include Chichester!

    Not forgetting Cliff Portwood of course….

  2. There was a Belle Star too – Mr Mook?

  3. Back in my Bennett’s days, one of my more senior customers was a gent by the name of Les Jones. We used to talk a lot about keyboards, organs( I’d just purchased a Vox Continental), the early synths and he expressed an interest in learning the basics which, at the time, I was more than capable of doing. When I visited his house which if my memory serves me right, was somewhere near St Helens Parade in Southsea. I noticed various pix on his mantleshelf of a young muso of the long haired variety (ah, happy days), it was his son Mick who lived out in USA and working with a band called……Foreigner!
    I’ve no idea if Les is still about but I wonder if son Mick was born in Portsmouth or had the family moved down from other parts of UK, anyone have any knowledge of this ?

    • As far as I know he was born in Pompey as several of his girl cousins including my mates late wife Kim most certainly were
      Mr Tench would definitely know

  4. Quick mention for Murray Gold…..Composer of many iconic t.v./film scores,(among which is one Dr Who……Born in Pompey in 1969, and nominated for 5 Bafta awards and 5 Royal T V Society Nominations…….”exterminate !!!!!!”

  5. Lets also add one Mike Rutherford to the list of ‘sons of pompey’
    entered the world in 1950,and being the son of a prominent naval captain (William Rutherford),apparently bypassed the hallowed halls of Pompey Grammar, and was fast tracked to private schooling at Charterhouse, where he met his mates…….indeed some kind of Genesis methinks !!!!!!

  6. Then of course, theres me !!!!! Not so much a “high achiever” , more like someone that wont go away….Born in ‘Turktown’ , and I use the term loosely ‘grew up’ in Pompey !!!!

    • When I used to visit my cousin in Turk Town always left to get the Paulsgrove bus while it was still light. Safer to arrive at Paulsgrove in the dark !!!!

  7. Brian Howe!!!!!!

  8. According to Wiki;-

    Birth name Michael Leslie Jones
    Born 27 December 1944 (age 70)
    Somerton, Somerset, England

    Birth name Michael John Kells Fleetwood
    Born 24 June 1947 (age 67)
    Redruth, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

  9. Mustn’t forget Spike Edney

  10. And ‘flasher’ Andy Hamilton as it goes….

  11. Mike Hugg of The Manfreds – Gosport! Is that really the best we can do?

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