Happy Talk


Wilko was on the ‘One Show’ last week but got told off for saying fuck on family TV

Sean has sent this info about him

“The Wickham Festival web site has an interview with Wilko http://www.wickhamfestival.co.uk/wilko-not-over-and-out/ Good to have  a happy story.”

PS I see the Alabama Shakes are on Jools TV tonight. They always seem to me to be one of those ‘new(ish) bands I should like lots and they get great reviews but I can’t ever quite get them. They’re ok but that’s about it. Maybe it’s just me?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “Happy Talk

  1. How can you not like the Alabama Shakes? Their first album is tremendous!

  2. I didn’t say I didn’t like them, I said I think they’re OK. I think I know why it’s not more than that, although articulating opinions of taste is never simple. It’s mainly because I’ve spent 50 years listening to all the great blues and soul singers – probably someone every day. But now I’m bored with the lack of invention in new young acts trying to sing the same way. So I find them OK because the genre has always worked for me but there’s nothing there that I haven’t heard before and that never really excites me (although it means that for most of my singing career I would have found me no more than ok too …)

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