Pompey Pop Speaks!


The pollsters and pundits got it wrong but over recent years there’s been a band from Pompey called THE STRANGE DEATH of LIBERAL ENGLAND …


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

12 thoughts on “Pompey Pop Speaks!

  1. Just woken up on my birthday to the dreadful news of another 5 years of the nasty party!

    • At least you’re in London, with some good bits of news. I hope you can still celebrate – I’ve just cheered up very slightly while watching England’s cricketers in Ireland. The home groundsman was in shot wearing a woolly hat with a Pompey crest on it. They’re everywhere!

  2. I’m thinking of moving to Bristol West…

  3. I say “Better the devil you know” !!

    • Typical Pompey Dickyard Working Class comment!
      Unfortunately Portsmouth always a forelock tugging city!

  4. The ‘Bullingdon Boys’ get another five years – I hadn’t realised just how many people wanted to buy their council houses!


  5. I reckon that this is a great country no matter who’s running the show. We are fortunate to live here and to be able to mostly say and do as we wish. I’ve been to a couple of places where if you wanted to talk about politics the locals would whisper in case anyone was listening. I have no complaints.

    • If it’s such a great country why do a substantial amount of Scots want out of it!

      • Not enough to want to leave though. At the end of the day it’s the people who quietly go about their daily business who actually make the final decision as happened in Scotland and I’d put money on it that the result would be the same today if another referendum were held. Anyway happy birthday for yesterday.

  6. Like you Malc, I love the place but I do have a complaint. On Thursday I voted for the first time as an OAP and I’ve voted in every local and national election in my adult life. But never once have I ended up with a representative who has my views, no one speaks for me, not in Portsmouth South and not anywhere close. If people want to vote Tory that’s their right but the winner took less than 30 per cent of a 60 per cent turnout. So the majority of us remain disenfranchised. If Pompey wants to reward the Tories for, among other things, ditching its shipbuilding, so be it. The worst thing we Brits did was to reject the offer of PR. I find that harder to forgive.

  7. There’s a problem with PR in that 1.5 million misfits and ne’re- do-wells – sorry, I mean Jocks – voted for SNP and won 56 seats while nearly 4 million voted for UKIP and won 1 – I’d rather have neither of them having any influence over us personally, but there is a major drawback with both systems.

  8. But that’s not a problem with PR – it’s a problem with the present system. Under PR there would be far fewer SNP MPs and while I would not personally wish to see more UKIP MPs it would at least be more democratic. The other crucial point is that unless we have PR no-one can really know how anyone would vote. If, for example, everyone voting Green believed that would help to return a Green MP, many more people might vote for them. At present, voting Green (other than in Brighton) can be seen as a wasted vote. Tactical voting is the only option at present but it’s often negative and frustrating. In 2010 I voted for Hancock merely because I wanted to keep the Tories out. What a waste that was!

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