What’s happening man?


My old buddy Martin ‘Light’ Richman is in town for the weekend and it will be great to see him although sadly we can’t visit the AAA Guildhall show as it’s shut (Bank Holiday/Weekend/Shut?)

I’m sure we can find ways of entertaining ourselves but I can’t find anything unusual/interesting happening around town. Am I right? Is Pompey dying a slow death? Or have I missed all the info?

50 years ago we could have gone down to Brighton for just about the last of the great (?) punch-ups? What is it with young people today?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

14 thoughts on “What’s happening man?

    • As below the first site Mick sends pretty much proves my point unless we wanted to go Ballroom Dancing in a school. There’s a list of stuff on in Cosham, Fareham, Titchfield, Gosport, Havant etc followed by another list of things at the Guildhall none of which open after mid-afternoon on Saturday.

  1. I might be doing a spot of ‘garden tidying’ ……I’d call that an event……….At least I wont be falling of any ladders !!!!! Happy Bank Holiday indeed !!!!

  2. Tux J had a great gig at The Wheatsheaf Shedfield last night….that was an event! There’s good live music there today, tomorrow (4pm) and Monday (4pm) including Pete Harris Blues Band . Meanwhile, Phil’s just reminded me that the grass needs cutting! Happy Holiday!

  3. Didn’t you guys just have a Bank Holiday over there?. Are the banks ever open? Mind you I seem to recall they were only open a few hours a day anyway. LOL

  4. Eddi Reader at the Wedge or Chris Difford at the Cellars. We would like to go to both. Nothing going on? Pah!

  5. Went to friends in Bosham last night. We’re going to Chichester Festival Theatre tonight might go sailing tomorrow in Chichester Harbour or work on my allotment and then catch Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norel on the box! Nothing to do? Make your own entertainment! Skin Up!!

    • We’re doing that very nicely so far but you prove my point really – long term Southsea resident finds Bank Holiday entertainment in … Bosham, Chichester and Chichester harbour, Marc suggests Shedfield

  6. I should have been clearer obviously. I meant daytime for example around the seafront. The venues etc are pretty well always open in the evenings and I guess I know about that. I drove home from a rehearsal late afternoon along the Bank Holiday seafront and there was just one remarkable event – the naked bike ride! Otherwise it might have been a Tuesday in November.

  7. Last night 51 years ago:-
    Here’s an account from my diary of 1964. It was just after the release of The Stones’ first LP (which I seem to remember being played most of the evening – especially ‘I just wanna make love to you’). The Labour Hall was in Kingston Road – down an alleyway, opposite the cop shop.
    ‘Stayed in all day. Met Gus at about 6.40 and then met Jacko and Cliff at Lawrence Road bus-stop. Arrived at Labour Hall at about 7pm. We thought the Wymering mob were coming but we were told they’d gone to Hayling. Saw Lyn at the party and she told me they’d been drinking since 2pm – 2 bottles Vodka and 2 bottles gin. The usuals arrived and we found that the booze was free. By 9 o’clock there were about 100 people there, then the Portsea Mob (“Spud’s lot”) arrived. Quite a few left and we stood by the emergency exit just in case. However, only only one person got hit – and, surprisingly enough, the ‘rockers’ left. The party emptied, because all the booze had been drunk by about 8.30. We all trooped out – about 80 of us (mostly girls) and tried to crash a dance – but we were told that there’d been a fight and the dance was over. We went back to Labour Hall – had a snog with Lyn (17 to-day) and then she went back to her boyfriend.
    Mick Callard fused all the lights (good!) and Cliff and I got off with two girls (Carol and Linda respectively). Before we met them I autographed two girls’ tee-shirts and we were told there’s an all day party on Sunday at Waterlooville – (“you go there with nothing and come back with a coupla quid”). It was about 10 and we started acting wild: the bar was broken into and every drop of booze was drunk.
    There was another party at 69 Nox(?) Rdf. but we didn’t go. We went to the pub and bought 4 Final Selections and crisps. Went back to party but everyone was being turned out – windows, bottles smashed and fire extinguisher was set off – I feel sorry for whoever’s gonna pay for the damage ’cause all the entrance money went on drink. Lin was really drunk now and I wasn’t much better (had everything – rum, vodka – you name it). We (Cliff and Carol, Janet and Mick, Sue and Bob, Lin and me) went to Lin’s house and stayed ’til about 12.15 and we got a taxi home. Cliff stayed the night I think and I reckon I could have also. While there, Carol made us some coffee and I spewed up twice (I think it was because of the cigarettes and the apple). I arrived home at about 12.30. I hope I don’t have to go with Linda again – even though she’s easy.”

    Quite a lively night and all at the tender age of fifteen!

  8. Lovely story! I wonder if the signed T Shirts will ever show up on EBay?

  9. And the sad part is that 51 years from now the 15 year old of today will only be able to look back on the marathon all night Grand Theft Auto game they played against some unknown kid on the internet…….

  10. Quite right Pete…And most of them cant even spell dairy !!!!

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