The bass player of Yes has died. I recall helping my mates Martin and Geoff with their lightshow at the Pier on the evening that Iron Butterfly, Yes and Dada played (maybe 1970?).




I was on the bus

Played the Rose in June ‘Festival’ today with my new lot Scarlet Town. They said don’t try to park, so MRA and I went by bus. First time I’ve caught a bus to a gig since about 1965. There again, as Ken said …



I’ve been to a couple of Glastonburys but not in this century – still I LOVE checking it out on TV and flicking channels to find good stuff. Gives me a sense of what’s happening these days. I’ve just been watching Jungle who probably play jungle (I’m not an expert!) – sounded a bit like Massive Attack for the modern world which is alright by me.

Earlier I liked Alabama Shakes, MRA liked James Bay and I thought Mark Ronson’s set was pretty fine including a remarkable version of Amy’s “Valerie” using her original vocal track. He finished with “Uptown Funk” with George Clinton, Mary J Blige etc and also a rather nice almost psychedelic thing with an Australian singer/guitarist called Kevin Parker. Acts like Ronson are remarkable for their capacity to shift styles and genres with real skill but I must admit, every year watching these broadcasts also confirms my considerable lack of interest in most guitar bands. I caught Motorhead briefly which I thought (notice how careful I’m being here) was just horrid – and so old. Not worthy – I didn’t like Libertines or Vaccines either. Leon Bridges whose album I mentioned below was on – OK but not stunning but there was a trio of young ladies called the Staves who sang quite beautifully. A lot of what I liked had its roots in black music. Most of the rest that I liked was black music. No surprise there then, although the Staves were very English.


Back in the UK

Regular and loyal Blogger Pete White from the USA but (until mid-70s) formerly of this parish came on a visit to AAA today. Here we are together with Mick. Couple more pix should follow. Pete’s son (still in Pompey) then took him down to Pie & Vinyl.

Pete W, Mick, Me

Pete White in Pompey 2