There is now a story on the Pompey News site that after the tower is sponsored it will be painted red & white – there’s even an artist’s impression


There are people from about 20 miles to the west, already laughing at us on Twitter (etc)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “PLUS!

  1. WHAT A LOAD OF BILLOCKS !!!!! I thought it was a millennium project for the people of Portsmouth…………….Sure it had its problems getting there , but why sell out to someone that’s already got one ???? While we are at it , I reckon this Ben Ainsley saga seems to be getting ( has already gotten) out of hand……Credit where credit is deserved for a great sailor, but his ‘sea trials’ seem to be taking over ,all over …OVER………………..that’s it …case stated….bye !! ………………Mr Grumpy

  2. Red and white? At least they’ll SEE you from 20 miles west! I’ve not seen the artists representation, but it sounds like an old fashioned helter-skelter, or a huge stick of seaside rock. I suppose they could paint it battleship grey and navy blue, with a white top to represent a Royal Marine Bandsmans helmet……

    Anyway, Southampton don’t OWN the colours red and white.

    People not into football probably won’t understand these colours are an insult to Pompey Blue…..

    Start a petition!

  3. Linda……………..So are you saying that you’ve seen a Royal Marine Bandsmans helmet..????

  4. Oh innuendo innuendo double entendre double entendre! Every Sunday morning, St Andrews Church, Eastney, 1959 – 1963. Church Parade, Band, in dress uniform including helmet!!!

    A life on the ocean wave….

  5. I certainly agree with Phil about the Ben Ainslie blot on the landscape. The whole deal (which has destroyed the ‘character’ of my childhood playground) seemed ,just like the latest gimmick of painting the Tower red, seemed to have taken place with little or no public consultation. The situation seems to have become victim of the over-expanded egos of the leader of the Council and some of the her henchmen!!

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