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Pompey Pop gets about you know. There’s only a few of you out there who might enjoy this historic account of county cricket. I reckon it’s the finest cricket book I’ve read in some time but even I didn’t expect this on page 226. Under the subtitle “Images of the 1970s” comes a photo of a crowd at the Oval, another of Rod & the Faces and this passage:

“In September 1971, on the Saturday after Surrey had won the Championship, the Oval staged cricket’s first pop concert. Its organiser Rikki Farr, son of the boxer Tommy, had gone bankrupt with the Isle of Wight Festival but this time he was raising money for the Bangladesh Flood Relief Fund.”

Who’d have thought it? Rikki in the definitive history of English county cricket!

Phil Haines sent this (cheers)


(I’ve recalled that I went two weeks running: week one Surrey v Glamorgan, week two Frank Zappa etc)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “Here, There & Everywhere

  1. Wow !! Mr Amazon, here I come !

  2. And a surprisingly fine day it was – Frank Zappa, Hawkwind, Jeff Beck, Man, Linda Lewis, Sam Apple Pie, Biggles, & Brinsley Shwarz, but my memory is listening to Eric Clapton’s Layla playing as the sun set.

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