I’ve been to a couple of Glastonburys but not in this century – still I LOVE checking it out on TV and flicking channels to find good stuff. Gives me a sense of what’s happening these days. I’ve just been watching Jungle who probably play jungle (I’m not an expert!) – sounded a bit like Massive Attack for the modern world which is alright by me.

Earlier I liked Alabama Shakes, MRA liked James Bay and I thought Mark Ronson’s set was pretty fine including a remarkable version of Amy’s “Valerie” using her original vocal track. He finished with “Uptown Funk” with George Clinton, Mary J Blige etc and also a rather nice almost psychedelic thing with an Australian singer/guitarist called Kevin Parker. Acts like Ronson are remarkable for their capacity to shift styles and genres with real skill but I must admit, every year watching these broadcasts also confirms my considerable lack of interest in most guitar bands. I caught Motorhead briefly which I thought (notice how careful I’m being here) was just horrid – and so old. Not worthy – I didn’t like Libertines or Vaccines either. Leon Bridges whose album I mentioned below was on – OK but not stunning but there was a trio of young ladies called the Staves who sang quite beautifully. A lot of what I liked had its roots in black music. Most of the rest that I liked was black music. No surprise there then, although the Staves were very English.

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “Worthy?

  1. saw Burt Bacharach in London last night- music quite superb – whole show ruined by Lord Michael Grade interviewing him (BBC were filming it)and for the first 30 minutes nobody could hear a thing- long chat then a song with some good guests including Joss Stone, Alfie Boe, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Justin Hayward and others- oh how we wanted Lord Grade to b…..off and as some not quite so reserved audience member shouted (the rest of us were to polite to shout about her complaint- even Buckland boys are brought up well like!) Get some more music. Anyways 87 ytear old Burt is on Glastonbury this afternoon at 4.30 and I hope the crowds appreciate his great talent and the fact he could write a good tune sadly, I thought, hugely lacking in some of the bands I watched on the BBC Highlights last night -most playing fiercly , jumping up and down and looking scruffy – as if we haven`t seen it all before!- I was sat next to Mike Batt and thought of discussing Bacharach`s musical output then presumed if I asked him about his I didn`t think I could take a hour of in depth Wombles in 4 x 4 beat.

  2. Saw an hour of him on TV from the Festival tonight – brilliant songs, beautiful melodies. They should tell him to stop singing, but it was delightful. Apart from the obvious things the highlights for me were “Any day Now” (Chuck Jackson) and “My Little Red Book” (Love) – imagine all the amazing people he wrote for!

  3. I had a great time won’t print a massive list. However for me Ben Poole,Patti Smith,Adam Cohen and Florence A.T.M. were great. Palome Faith did a nice version of Purple Haze. Kanye West I went to see with an open mind but to be honest he was crap. I looked around me and even the younger members of the audience were looking bored. Oh and one morning I heard some great harp in the distance and found a jam session led by one of the founding members of Hawkwind. Now that was good stuff.

  4. Had to laugh at those OAPs ripping it out of Kanye West ,or was it Fred West?, for claiming to be the Greatest Rock Star in the World or some such title. I know I’m biased but I thought they played a very good set, shame Auntie Beeb never showed all of it. In the afternoon Lionel Richie gave a master class on how to get the audience in the palm of your hand.

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