Got any spare dosh mate?


Have lunch with a ‘star’:



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

11 thoughts on “Got any spare dosh mate?

  1. No thanks
    Watched him interviewed on BBC4’s Festival Britannia (well worth a watch-Beaulieu Jazz Festival to today’s corporate extravaganzas)
    He was very self important in his faux bohemian intellectual way So not my ideal dining companion!
    He also had the most disgusting long dirty fingernails!!!

  2. I’d rather slit my wrists… I defy anyone to read his book “Hurdy Gurdy Man” without laughing out loud at his amazing revelations that he ‘invented’ folk rock, Psychedelic music etc etc and claiming he was better lyricist than Bob Dylan. “Boo Boo Barabajakl”? F**k off, you pretentious twat,

  3. After singing so badly out of tune as he did on Wogans BBC Sunday lunchtime show a few weeks back he could be dining alone!

  4. Are you guys saying that a bad wine does not improve with time? LOL

  5. I’m still traumatised by him from Bath in 1970

  6. if he was a bottle of wine he`d been corked well and truly – though I`d drink it – Buckland again -never throw anything away!

  7. His biography also states that “through his knowledge of the divine art of meditation, he has been able to take his music to a level that easily unites the inner world and the outer world leaving a musical imprint on our DNA”.

    Whoever wrote that must have been on something that isn’t available over the counter.

  8. So he is obviously a well loved and respected bloke round these parts then !!!!!

  9. Can’t imagine anything worse!

  10. Well done chaps, those were the best bunch of comments I’ve read on the Pompet blog for a long time, my old mucker Pete Cross was definitely on sparkling form…nice ones Pete !!

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